Thank you from Dmitry Feld and people of Ukraine

USA Luge Marketing Manager Dmitry Feld poses at the entrance of his office building on Church Street, Lake Placid, Monday, Feb. 28, shortly after the Ukrainian flag was posted next to the American one to show support for his home country. Feld was born in Russia and grew up in Ukraine when it was part of the Soviet Union. He moved to the U.S. in 1979. (News photo — Andy Flynn)

On behalf of myself and people of Ukraine, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the people of Lake Placid, Tri-Lakes area and friends from all over USA for the support that everybody provided to have successful fundraising events for Ukraine. Because of everybody’s unselfish support, we achieved the following:

1. With help from village of Lake Placid Mayor Art Devlin and village electric department, we displayed 20 Ukrainian flags on Main Street.

2. We partnered with former residents of Lake Placid — Viktoria Gatker, who resides in the UK to secure and deliver 10 shipments (over 250,000 pounds) of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

3. We raised, collected in Lake Placid and Tri-Lakes area over 4,000 pounds of humanitarian, military support for Ukraine that was delivered to Ukrainian Humanitarian organization Baranova 27.

4. With raised funds we delivered direct to Ukraine 20 digital and encrypted radios for the Ukrainian military.

5. With raised funds, we delivered direct to Ukraine over 85 pairs of tactical footwear for Ukrainian military.

6. With raised funds, we delivered direct to Ukraine 145 pairs of tactical gloves for the Ukrainian Army.

7. With raised funds, we delivered direct two Thermal 2 imaging monocular equipment for the Ukrainian Army.

8. With raised funds we delivered a direct quadcopter for the Ukrainian Army.

9. With raised funds, we provided direct medical supplies for Ukraine via Razom for Ukraine humanitarian organization.

10. With raised funds, we assisted to bring a student from Ukraine who is attending one of the schools in our area.

11. With raised funds, we were able provide needed items for members of the Ukrainian Territorial Army unit (15 soldiers).

12. With raised funds, we partnered with a local organization that will provide orthotic and prosthetic support in Ukraine.

13. With raised funds, we provided direct financial support to displaced people in Ukraine.

There are so many people and businesses to thank for this tremendous support. Some local people made donation without providing me with their names and contact information. All those individuals will not be forgotten.

I would like to recognize the following supporters and friends.

Many, many thanks to the following individuals and businesses: Adirondack Bank, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Tom Adams, Vladimir and Jean Alper, Mary Liz Alexander, John Armstrong, Christine Ashe, Barclay family, David Balestrini, Dan Bain and Ken, Michael & Mary Pat Baker, Chris Barkas, Margaret Bartley, Almy Bartis, Patricia Beneshaw, Edit Bimonte, BOCES Upstate NY, Greg Borzilleri, Jeff Burnham, Kenny Boettger, Lane Blue, Tim Bishop, Carol and Robert Brown, Eugene Byrne, Sandy and Karen Caligiore, Rickie Canny, David Cobe and Gina Jadwisiak, Viktoria and Alex Coubrough, Ceil Castrava, Community Bank, Amy Chapin, Ali and Ismita Cecunjanin, Erie Cecunjanin, Kristen and Santos Chaparro, John Cogar, Kelly Conway, Charlie Cowan, Jim Cushman, Bill Dearborn, DeFazio family, Mike and Mary Dipasquale, Suzanne Dixon, Dwight Davis, Claire DelNegro, John Dimarco, Derek Doty, Mark and Aggie Duening, Cory Egglefield, Chris and Catherine Ericson, Beverly and Steve Detwiler, Robert Dellamore, Dog Walking Do Do, Essex County Sheriff Department, Joseph and Valerie Elacqua, Jeff and Debbie Erenstone, Dan Esdale, Christina Frazier, Yury and Lucie Flom, Kristin Finn, Karen Fountain, Fitchburg Police Department, Jon Fremante, Mr. and Mrs. Rosario Fogg, Susan Friedman, Cindy Gallagher and John Mathiason, Brenda Goulette, Mila and Gabby Gorodetsky, Bill & Catherine Greenspan, Grimmette family, Leo and Efrosini Hadjis, George Hart, Ray and Iris Havlicek, Hannaford Store of Lake Placid, Adam and Erica Height, Virginia and Andrew Hood, Shirley Hosler, Howe family, Nita Holly, David Holly, Lyndsay Holly, Imbriani family, Bob and Liz Hughes, Peter Kalogiannis, Jan and Lynn Katzoff, Richard and Joan Kelly, Keene CSD, Jaideep and Rachel Khanna Foundation, Alla Kizliak, Connie Leigh, Kathleen Kmen, Nora Kramer, Betteann Kramer, Dee Kramer, David Kramer, Lake Placid News, Lake Placid Vacation Corp, Lake FM Radio 100,7, Lake Placid Central High School, Lake Placid Synagogue, Chuck Lavery, Jim Leahy, Mary Jane Lawrence, Cheryl LeClair and Ed Newman, Bill Linka, Patti Littlefield, Art Lussi and family, Phil and Lisa Lehner, Long Lake CSD, Lake Placid Police Department, Margie and Mark Maloney, Bill Marinis, Butch and Laurie Martin, Lynn Magnus, Donna Masley, Bill Mayers, Nancy Mayers, Julie Marra, Ann McDowell, Mary Michelfelder, Matt Moore, Mayor of Lake Placid, Bridget McKillip, Meister Accounting, John Morgan, Mirror Lake Inn, Jim Morgenson, Cathy Moore, Jim and Patty Mort, Jerry and Linda Mullane, Christine Muller, NBT Bank of Lake Placid, Debbie Neil, David Nicola, Pavel Novoselsky, Northern Adirondack Code Enforcement 309, North Country Home Services – Becky Leahy and Penny Mosley, LP Quinn Elementary school – Elizabeth Littlefield, Russ Bartlett, Kimberly Orlic, Katie Osgood, Todd Pfalzgraf, Greg Peacock, Heather Perkins, Dorine Peregrim and Ed Lis, Margie Philo, Laurel and Steve Riehs, Kara Potter, Laurie Pokelwaldt, Rob Pokelwaldt, Richard Preston, Price Chopper Store of Lake Placid, Barrett and Stephanie Quinn, McKenzie Rafts, Tim Reynolds, Mary Raine, Steve Reinheimer, Ann Richardson, Scott Rick, Alison Riley – Clarks, Claude Roland, Rozner family, Dawn Ruchala, Hayward and Jeannine Sawyer, Sara Shanty, Shaheen’s IGA Tupper Lake store, Rosie and George Sarandev, Harris and Sue Semegram and Rotary Club members, Mike and Robin Shaw, Gordy Sheer, Shipman Youth Center, Shirley and Albert Schmidt, Beth Shiller, Anthony Shimkonis, Don Simkin, Lee Slocum, Alan Smith, John Smith, Martha Spear, Haley Stewart, Libby Sullivan, Kevin and Lesley Sullivan, Anna and Bogdan Szczesny, Rock 105 – The Classic Rock Station, Taylor family, Bill Tavares, Town and Country Motor Inn, Bob and Candy Thomson, Anthony Tramontano, Olga Toptunova, Bachana Tsiklauri, Tupper Lake Middle school students Alivia Hopkins-Estus, Jack Dukette and their advisor Hailey LaLonde, Tupper Lake Town Clerk Laura Fuller, Debi Valentine, John & Susan Vester, United States Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Lake Placid, USA Luge, Adam and Naomi Wild, Wildwood on the Lake Motel, Village of Lake Placid Electric Department, Erin Warren, Weibrecht family, Diane Whitney and Kevin Benware, Whiteface Lodge and Chef Sebastian Roelly, Gwen and Kevin Williams, Keith Younger, Yodeler Inc. and Ed Kreil.

The war in Ukraine is continuing. More than 100 to 200 brave Ukrainian soldiers are dying every day. Over 10 million Ukrainians have been displaced. While times are tough, Ukrainian people’s morale and spirit are very high to win this war. To do that, they need your help. As of now, I’m working on the new project to send 30,000 pounds of needed supplies to Ukraine. If you wish to continue your support, please send donations to USA Luge, 57 Church St., Lake Placid, NY 12946 — attention Dmitry Feld.

Any questions, send me an email at dmitry@usaluge.org. Glory and victory to Ukraine. God Bless America!

On behalf of Ukrainian people, I’m proud to name you all patriots of Ukraine. Big hug and lots of love.

(Dmitry Feld lives in Lake Placid.)

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