If anything happens I love you

if anything happens i love you

last texts are sent

forgotten words are muttered under breaths

footsteps creep along the door

you grasp onto one another,

please protect us.

you’ve never been one to pray

but God’s scriptures start to recite

from your lips

eyes bulge as tears ricochet off of cheeks

bullets fly as they scrape bodies passing by you

why would anyone do this?

please tell my mom i love her




What do you mean if anything happens?


What are you talking about?

Why are you not answering me?

Please tell me you’re okay

Please don’t go

Can you please respond?

I’m worried.

Are you okay?

Please let me know you’re safe

Please hold on

I was supposed to show you so many things

I was supposed to keep you safe

I’m here

I’m here for you darling

I’m always here.

Currently in the waiting room of the hospital.

I know you’ll make it out of this.

My Sunshine,

You’re strong.

carnations were your favorite

i always bought them for your birthday

i just never thought i’d be staring at them

laying on your grave,

blue was your favorite color

i painted the walls of your bedroom

robin’s egg blue

just for you


my tears are robin’s egg blue

just for you.

soccer was your favorite sport

i drove you to all of your tournaments

i played songs in the car that we would sing together to

now i drive in silence when i pass by

a soccer field

filled with little kids running around.

that is supposed to be you

you are supposed to be there

why would the place

that was intended to shape you into

a young, brilliant woman

be the one to destroy you?

— — —

(Riley Gewinner is a junior at Plano East Senior High School in Plano, Texas and has relatives in the Tri-Lakes area. She was 16 years old when she wrote this poem.)