Meet the LPHS Winter Carnival king, queen candidates

The king and queen candidates for the 2024 Lake Placid High School Winter Carnival are, from left, Ryan Curry, Jesse Marshall, Kyra Jordon, Olivia Skutt, Nadia Phillip, Carly Karpp, Josh Taylor and Talan Jordon. (Provided photo — Sandy Huber/Lake Placid Photography)

LAKE PLACID — Who will be Lake Placid High School’s 2024 Winter Carnival king and queen?

The school announced the candidates for king and queen on Thursday, Feb. 15, two weeks before the start of Winter Carnival, which is scheduled for Feb. 29 and March 1.

The candidates — who teachers and students will vote on — are Kyra Jordon, Carly Karpp, Nadia Phillip, Olivia Skutt, Ryan Curry, Talan Jordon, Jesse Marshall and Joshua Taylor.

The opening ceremony will be held on Feb. 29 during school hours. Coronation will be at 6 p.m. that evening in the gymnasium. This year’s Winter Carnival theme is “Tropical.”

Peggy Moore will serve as the 2024 LPHS Winter Carnival archbishop.

– Kyra Jordon is the daughter of Justin and Keisha Jordon of Lake Placid. Her family includes her brothers, Schyler and Talan. She is captain of the varsity basketball team and also competes in softball. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, playing basketball and working part-time at Big Slide Brewery. For Kyra’s Capstone Project, she is helping to coach the modified girls basketball team this year. She plans to attend SUNY Canton for criminal justice. She is most thankful for her family. Kyra is especially proud of changing her perspective on life because it has made her life more enjoyable and she is a much happier person.

– Carly Karpp is the daughter of Aaron and Julie Karpp of Wilmington. Her family includes her sister Lily. She enjoys competing in softball and flag football. Carly is also a member of Environmental Club and Interact (formerly Key Club). She enjoys skiing, shopping, hanging out with her friends and working part-time at Whitebrook Dairy Bar and the Waffle Cabin at Whiteface. For Carly’s Capstone Project, she is illustrating a children’s book on climate change that she plans to present to the Lake Placid Elementary School students. She plans to attend college after graduation. She is most thankful for her family and friends. Carly is especially proud of her participation in the Youth Climate Summit and helping to present/perform for the event.

– Nadia Phillip is the daughter of Lamar Phillip and Amanda Rodriguez of Lake Placid. Her family includes her two sisters, Jasmine and Laila. She is captain of the volleyball team. She is a member of Interact, Environmental Club and Select Ensemble. Nadia enjoys crocheting, reading, listening to music and playing volleyball. For Nadia’s Capstone Project, she is holding multiple volleyball tournaments throughout the year and the funds she raises will go to the Lake Placid CSD Backpack Program. She plans to attend college to study biology after graduation. Nadia is most thankful for her family. She is especially proud of putting herself out there in 10th grade by participating in the musical, “The Little Mermaid.” She had never done something like that before and has performed each year since.

– Olivia Skutt is the daughter of Michael Skutt and Desiree Sears of Lake Placid. Her family includes her brothers, Michael and Sam. She competes in volleyball, track and flag football. She is a member of Interact. She enjoys shopping, hanging out with friends, sports and outdoor activities. She has a part time job at the Waffle Cabin at Whiteface. For Olivia’s Capstone Project, she is traveling to Belize through the organization EF Tours. She is looking forward to learning and exploring their culture and communities there. After graduation, she plans to attend college. She is most thankful for her family. Olivia is proud of going on two youth group mission trips. While on the trips she helped paint houses and was a part of providing resources that are not traditionally available to those communities. She was thankful for this opportunity because she was able to give back to those less fortunate.

– Ryan Curry is the son of Craig and Maria Curry of Lake Placid. His family includes his older brother and sister, Tyler and Heidi, and his younger sister, Kayla. He competes in baseball and football. He enjoys traveling and experiencing new things, spending time with family and driving around. He has a part time job at Lake Placid Pub & Brewery. For Ryan’s Capstone Project, he plans to hold an underhand softball tournament in the spring at the North Elba Show Grounds. His goal is to have nine players per each team with an entry fee that will be donated to the varsity baseball team. After graduation, he plans to attend college to study sports management. Ryan is very thankful for the gift of life, friends and family. He is also thankful for the opportunities he’s been given in his life. He is most proud of working hard over the last four years which allowed him to buy a new car while managing sports and school.

– Talan Jordon is the son of Justin and Keisha Jordon of Lake Placid. His family includes his brother, Schyler and sister, Kyra. He is captain of the basketball team. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, driving around, watching movies and fixing cars. He also has a part-time job at Central Garage. For Talan’s Capstone Project, he worked with his father, who is an electrician, helping him with wiring residential homes in Lake Placid and realized how much work it involves. After graduation, he plans to join the United States Coast Guard. Talan is thankful for having people around him that are loving and friendly. He is most proud of being accepted into the Coast Guard and locking in his future plans.

– Jesse Marshall is the son of Matthew and Annette Marshall of Lake Placid. His family includes his sister, Mya. He is co-captain of the varsity soccer team and a member of the varsity track team. He is president of the Class of 2024, vice president of the National Honor Society, a member of Select Ensemble and chorus and participated in the fall play and Broadway showcase. He enjoys gardening in his perennial garden, fishing, reading, painting/drawing and gaming with the boys. He has a part-time job at Lake Placid Flower and Gift. For Jesse’s Capstone Project and AP Environmental Science Project, he is learning how to cook sustainably using as many locally grown/produced ingredients as possible. After graduation, he plans to attend a Christian Gap Year Program followed by attending North Country Community College and then Paul Smith’s College. His long-term goal is to open his own flower nursery called Granny’s Gardens in the Tri-Lakes. He is thankful for the friendships he has built with both students and teachers. They have taught him countless valuable life lessons. Jesse is most proud of the connections he has made with the underclassmen and hopes those connections have helped them to try new things without fear and anxiety.

– Josh Taylor is the son of Timothy and Amy Taylor of Lake Placid. His family includes his older sister, Anna, younger sister, Ella, and younger brother, Jonah. He is a member of the National Honor Society. He enjoys spending time with family, listening to music, sports and sleeping. He has a part-time job at Lake Placid Christmas Company, and during the summer he is a counselor at Camp Placid. For Josh’s Capstone Project, he is job shadowing Parker O’Brien, sports editor of the Lake Placid News and Adirondack Daily Enterprise. He goes with Parker to cover local sporting events and hopes that he will eventually write an article for the newspapers. After graduation, he plans to attend college. He is most thankful for the constant support from his friends and family and truly appreciates how powerful their support is. He feels blessed to be constantly surrounded by his family and friends. Josh is most proud of being nominated and accepted into the National Honor Society.

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