Leaf spotters report pineapple, dandelion, cranberry colors

Leaves were starting to change colors on Wednesday, Sept. 20 in this field on the Adirondack Loj Road outside Lake Placid, where the state’s second-highest mountain, Algonquin Peak, Wright Peak to the left and Mount Jo in the foreground (at left) can be seen. (News photo — Andy Flynn)

ALBANY — This is the second 2023 I Love NY Fall Foliage Report for New York state, for the week of Sept. 20 to 26, issued on Wednesday, Sept. 20.

The reports, issued every Wednesday, are obtained from volunteer field observers and reflect expected color conditions for the coming weekend.

New York state’s gradual transition from the greens of summer to the multi-colored kaleidoscope of fall continues this weekend, with a few locations in the Adirondacks approaching midpoint of leaf transition, and areas from Long Island to Western New York beginning to see their first significant color changes.

This is according to the field reports from volunteer observers for the Empire State Development Division of Tourism’s I LOVE NY program.

Foliage change in other areas of the state will be 5% or less.

New York state fall foliage map for the week of Sept. 20-26 (Map courtesy of I Love NY)

In Essex County, spotters reporting from Wilmington, Jay, Upper Jay, and Au Sable Forks predict up to 35% change this weekend with average shades of deep purple along with muted red and orange, plus some shades of green shifting to yellow and gold. Observers at Whiteface Mountain Ski Center are predicting 15% change with a mix of bright green, red, purple, yellow, and orange leaves.

Spotters in Lake Placid expect 15% change, with touches of yellow in lower elevations and some reds and yellows in higher elevations. Reports from Newcomb predict just under 15% foliage change, with muted to average shades of red and orange, along with darker shades of red and purple. Leaf spotters in Ticonderoga predict just over 5% change, with bright red and orange markings on the tips of some leaves.

Foliage spotters from Tupper Lake and Mount Arab Lake in Franklin County predict up to midpoint of change for the coming weekend, with 45-50% color transition. Shades of pineapple, dandelion, turnip, apricot, tangerine, cranberry, avocado and sporadic scarlet will transform the landscape in Franklin County. The repeat of last year’s sweltering summer coupled with no frost and plenty of rain have created a slow, muted transition this year, with spotters awaiting an explosion of magnificent hues. In Saranac Lake, spotters expect about 25% change, with a muted mix of green and yellow leaves, along with isolated pops of red, especially along the waterfront. In the northern portion of the county near Malone, spotters predict about 10% change with some muted red and orange leaves.

Hamilton County spotters reporting from Lake Pleasant predict 20% leaf change this weekend with increasing shades of red and orange leaves of average brilliance. Reports from Long Lake predict 10% transition with some muted yellow leaves and individual maple trees showing red.

Herkimer County foliage spotters in Old Forge predict foliage may reach midpoint of change with up to 40% transition dominated by dark reds and burgundy, along with some yellow, gold and emerging orange. There is still a significant number of green leaves.

In Lewis County, spotters in Lowville expect nearly 15% foliage change, with hints of yellow and some muted orange. Warren County spotters in Lake George anticipate 10% change with hints of yellow and orange leaves.

The I Love NY team of volunteer foliage spotters, located throughout the state’s 11 vacation regions, are tasked with keeping track of the color change in their area as leaves progress each week. The information is then used for fall foliage reports, which are posted online each week, featuring a detailed map of color change throughout the state, vantage points for viewing spectacular foliage and suggested autumn getaways.

The weekly foliage report, a detailed map charting fall color progress, vantage points for viewing spectacular foliage, suggested autumn getaways and weekly event listings are available by visiting the I Love NY website at www.iloveny.com/foliage.

Reports are also available by dialing, toll-free 800-225-5697 from anywhere in the U.S., its territories and Canada.

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