Jay super loses primary; Keene super wins

Jay town Supervisor Archie Depo lost Tuesday’s primary election to challenger Matt Stanley. Keene’s incumbent town supervisor, Joe Pete Wilson Jr., won his primary against challenger Cori-Anne Favro.

The county Board of Elections will start counting absentees on Tuesday, according to Deputy Democratic Commissioner Jennifer Fifield. The primary election results haven’t been certified yet.

Preliminary election results from the Essex County Board of Elections show that in the race to secure the Democratic line for Jay town supervisor, Stanley, with 108 votes, got more than double the number of votes than incumbent Depo, who garnered 49 votes on Wednesday and during the early voting period prior. The board of elections sent out 41 absentee ballots, not enough to change the result.

Stanley, who is the general manager of Santa’s Workshop in Wilmington and an AuSable Valley Central School District graduate, has also filed to run for supervisor on the independent Labor line. He will run against Republican supervisor candidate Garth Rogers, who has also filed on the independent Taxpayers Unite party line.

The Republican primary between Jay highway superintendent candidates John Roy and Kevin Lincoln was won in a landslide for Lincoln, who garnered 122 votes to Roy’s nine. Lincoln has also filed to run on the independent Your Choice party line.

In Keene, Wilson won the Democratic line for town supervisor handily, with a 71-vote lead over Favro coming out of Election Day and the early voting period. The county Board of Elections has sent 44 absentee ballots out, not enough to sway the result.

However, Favro has also filed to run on the independent Local Families line, so her name will still appear on the ballot on Election Day Nov. 2.

In the race to secure the Democratic line for town council, incumbents Teresa Cheetham-Palen, with 202 votes, and Robert Biesemeyer, with 140 votes, won the line over challengers Sadie Kaltenbach, 55 votes, and Richard Guy Smith, 27 votes. However, all four candidates have also filed to run on independent lines, so all four will still appear on the ballot on Election Day alongside Republican candidate for town council Mary “Molly” Lawrence.

Kimberly Ellen Smith, running to secure the Republican line in the Keene town clerk race against Anna Whitney, won the primary with 69 votes to Whitney’s 41. Again, both candidates have filed to also run on independent party lines this November.

Voters in the towns of Jay and Keene will choose candidates for town supervisor, town council, town clerk and/or tax collector and highway superintendent this November.