‘Jeopardy’ contestant knew Adirondacks, but not how to say it

A screenshot shows an Adirondack-focused answer on the TV show Jeopardy on Thursday, Nov. 5.

The Adirondacks were featured during an episode of the television game show “Jeopardy” that aired Thursday evening, Nov. 5.

“Become a 46er by hiking Whiteface, Haystack and 44 other peaks in this range of upstate New York,” the answer read.

“Jeopardy” is a long-running quiz show that dates back to 1964. The current iteration of the show has been airing since 1984. The show presents prompts in the form of an answer to a question, and contestants have to answer in the form of a question.

Contestant Christina Tang-Bernas was the first to reply with the question on Thursday — “What is the Adirondacks?” — but Tang-Bernas pronounced the name wrong, saying “Ideronderacks” instead of “Adirondacks.”

Host Alex Trebek asked the contestant to repeat her answer, but Tang-Bernas again pronounced the name wrong, and returning champion Devin Rossiter ultimately picked up the cash.

“Adirondacks, not ‘Ida,’ sorry,” Trebek told Tang-Bernas.

Neither Tang-Bernas nor Rossiter prevailed, however. A third contestant, Palm Springs project engineer Burt Thakur, ended the episode with $20,400.

The Adirondacks — and Lake Placid specifically — has been featured on “Jeopardy” multiple times throughout its 37 seasons. In 2016, Lake Placid was featured with the answer: “What could be more serene than a visit to this resort in the Adirondacks, the USA’s first winter Olympics host?” In 2019, Jeopardy aired another answer: “The third winter Olympic site, & the first one in the U.S., it’s not far from Saranac Lake & Tupper Lake, N.Y. & Long Lake, N.Y.”

The response to the Adirondacks’ appearance on “Jeopardy” Nov. 5 was mixed. Some locals poked fun at Tang-Bernas’ flub while others expressed either confusion over or criticism of the answer, because of the use of the word “range.”