Local NYSEF women wrap up alpine seasons

Nancie Battaglia photo Audrey Higgens-Lopez

Seven female student athletes training and racing with the New York Ski Education Foundation have wrapped up a season of competition at the FIS level on the alpine slopes.

Four of the skiers — Amelia Brady, Audrey Higgens-Lopez, Ava Day and Maddie Kostoss are seniors at the Northwood School, Karleigh and Kate Broderick are Northwood juniors and Sonja Toishi is a junior at Lake Placid High School.

Each new FIS racer will start the season with 999.99 points in each discipline of slalom, giant slalom, super G and downhill. As they finish races, their points will update and this process continues throughout their FIS racing career. The lower the points the better the ranking.

Where as United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) points ranks athletes nationally, FIS points rank athletes internationally. 

Points are used to score races, rank competitors and establish start orders. The winner is given 0.00 race points, and then a penalty is calculated and added to each racer’s points to produce the racer’s results.

Season highlights and FIS poiints for the seven skiers, who are all local day students, are as follows:

Amelia Brady

280.88 SL, 251.06 GS

Amelia finished the season lowering her SL FIS score by 40 points and GS by 100 points. 

Audrey Higgens-Lopez 

86.16 SL, 64.12 GS, 108.09 SG, 180.42 AC

Highlights: 7 podiums

In GS, three 1st place podiums, two 2nd place and one 3rd place

In SG, a 2nd place on 1/23/21 at Gore FIS race

Ava Day

107.41 SL, 113.62 GS, 145.24 SG

Highlights: 3 podiums

In SL, one 2nd place and one 3rd place 

In GS, a 3rd place on 2/10/21 at Whiteface FIS race

Maddie Kostoss

146.28 SL, 109.03 GS, 147.87 SG

Maddie finished the season lowering her GS score by 15 points.

Karleigh Hollister

147.20 SL, 116.89 GS, 240.22 SG

As a first year FIS, Karleigh continued to lower and improve on her FIS scores as the season progressed.  

Kate Broderick 

Kate was injured toward the beginning of the season and is now recuperating post-surgery. As a first year FIS and due to delays to the start of the race season, Kate only competed in a few races. 

Sonja Toishi

Sonja started the season “back on snow” from an injury at the end of last season. As she approached getting back into the start gate again, she experienced an additional injury in February.

The women have all been skiing for NYSEF since a young age and are now either graduating from the Northwood School or looking forward to continuing their training at summer camps.

The FIS women’s coaching staff includes Jeremy Transue and Katie Haggerty.