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ON THE SCENE: Creating a healing space

January 3, 2013 Have you ever felt the need for safe space? A healing space? All of us experience pain. We all experience tough times. We all get overwhelmed. We all get injured. more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Maintain that holiday spirit

January 3, 2013 People often express the wish that the spirit of Christmas could last all year long. “May you keep the holiday spirit alight throughout the coming year!” they say. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: A billion here, a billion there

January 3, 2013 How did a major college become the recipient of a $25 million grant, the single largest financial award that college ever received? The grant was awarded by the United States Agency for... more »»

ON THE SCENE: Fifth Holiday Village Stroll is a winner

January 3, 2013 For his fifth time now, Santa chose to leave his sleigh at home, arriving at Mid’s Park atop a shinny red fire engine to greet the long line of kids and parents waiting to pitch him with their... more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Getting attached to a Christmas present

January 3, 2013 I crocheted doll sweaters for a niece this Christmas. They were not up to the standards of either one of my grandmothers, but the task made me think of them. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: Middle East intermezzo

January 3, 2013 Col.Yafeu Nantwi, (Ret.) and his wife, Carol, planed their trip to Jordan and Israel, carefully. What they had in mind was a leisurely tour of the two countries, so rich in Biblical sights. more »»

OLYMPIC MUSEUM: When it comes to hometown heroes, Charles Jewtraw is a legend

December 14, 2012 A Hometown Legend! An Olympic Legend! A Sports Legend! Who is this legend that won the first medal (a gold medal) in the first Olympic Winter Games held in Chamonix, France in 1924? Of course... more »»

ON THE SCENE: McDonough’s return highlights Thanksgiving in Keene

December 14, 2012 The Keene Central School threw its annual Thanksgiving Community Lunch, which featured turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted kale and other delights. more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Losing an image forever

December 14, 2012 I wonder how many people have glimpsed the ideal photograph, and then, through error or happenstance, lost it forever. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: Open world program

December 14, 2012 Novosibirsk, and its satellite city, Akademgorodok, the educational and scientific centre of Siberia, was a long way from Red Square for Col. Daniel Malone of Williamsburg, when he was serving as U. more »»

MARTHA SEZ: It’s good to feast on this day

November 21, 2012 Every year at this time I reflect upon the interesting “facts” I learned in elementary school about the Pilgrims. more »»

ON THE SCENE: Veterans Day thought: living with PTSD

November 21, 2012 As part of the Veteran’s Day service in Keene, a set of plaques honoring residents who had served in World War II were unveiled by Neil Hendricson and Frank Huchro, Sr. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: The world according to Woodward

November 21, 2012 The Wall Street Journal called Bob Woodward “the most celebrated journalist of our age.” The CBS News said, “Woodward has established himself as the best reporter of our time. more »»

ON THE SCENE: Opera, and Little Red Riding Hood, comes to Keene

October 4, 2012 “Have any of you seen an opera?” Tony Lostecki of the Seagle Music Colony asked a crowd of elementary school children at Keene Central School on Wednesday. more »»

MARTHA SEZ: It’s all in the change of seasons

October 4, 2012 I just read in my "Adirondack Rhythms" calendar by Alison W. Bell that  September is the month when loons begin leaving breeding lakes and migrate to warmer coastal areas. more »»

ON THE SCENE: The horse whisperer

October 4, 2012 For many people, the concept of a horse whisperer was first introduced by the film of that name starring and directed by Robert Redford. more »»

MARTHA SEZ: It’s time to put away your white shoes

October 4, 2012 All right, everyone, put away your white shoes. Labor Day is over. more »»

WORLD NEWS: Delivering healthcare

October 4, 2012 “The U. S. more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Having a more-than-one-life experience

September 11, 2012 It surprises me how many people believe they have lived other lives. Close associates in this life, they say, were also attached in past lives, but with the roles mixed up. more »»



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