STRs — How much longer? How many more?

To the editor:

The 2020 census estimated that Wilmington had approximately 635 homes (“housing units”). And AirDNA reports that the number of short-term vacation rentals (STRs) active in Wilmington exploded from 100 in the spring of 2019 to 163 today. More than 130 of these are whole-home rentals.

The number of STRs in Wilmington has increased by 63 in just three-and-a-half years.

And 72% of the 163 vacation rentals in Wilmington are “full-time” vacation rentals. In other words, 117 STRs in Wilmington are businesses operated on a full-time basis.

There are some who operate their second homes as hotels.

There are others who operate second, third, fourth, and fifth homes as hotels (adirondack-vacation.com).

How much longer should we stay on this path?

How many families have been prevented from living in Wilmington, because every year investors convert formerly residential properties into businesses?

How many more homes and buildable lots should Wilmington cede to this trend?

How much longer will our town board grant STRs special privileges unavailable to other businesses?

We ask our town board to immediately convene a committee to begin the important work of updating Wilmington’s STR law.

We ask our town board to do this before town officials begin issuing two year (!) STR permits and, by doing so, cement a meek, insufficient, and already badly outdated local law into place until at least the final days of 2024.

Christina Anderson, Charles Assetta, Jane Assetta, Bob Cressey, Nancy Cressey, Max Eaton, John Gates, Sue Ellen Gettens, Nancy Gonyea, Wesley Gonyea, Gary Grady, Keith Lyon, Megan Lyon, Jessica Mulvey, Wyatt Peck, Helen Read, Shawn Stephenson, Chelsea Walker, Joe Wichtowski, Theresa Wichtowski, Carol Wiebe, Edward Winch, Kimberly Winch, Patricia Winch, Randy Winch, Daniel Winkler, Noelle Wood, Jeri Wright


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