Disappointed to read the negative Ironman feedback

To the editor:

I was sad and disappointed to hear the negative comments about the Ironman on Facebook and other social media. The Ironman brings definite and surmountable inconveniences — among them restricted traffic on race day and sharing our roads with athletes training throughout year – rather minor compared to the $8 million in direct revenue The Ironman brings to the local economy.

Lake Placid has always been about sports and each event we host comes with it’s own set of challenges. The Ironman is no different. Having just received over $150 million to revamp the Olympic facilities, Lake Placid is uniquely positioned to lead the country (and world) as the “sports capital of the world”. Lets embrace our history and welcome all. I hope the task force and focus groups the town and ROOST create come up with recommendations that will allow us to welcome back the the thousands of Ironman athletes and their families with the respect and support they deserve.

Tom Irvin

Lake Placid and Albany