Stec spends too much time on partisan attacks

To the editor:

Sen. Dan Stec (New York Senate District 45) has been elected to serve all his constituents in this district, and his continual partisan rhetoric diminishes his leadership. Sen. Stec should focus on a comprehensive vaccine distribution that targets the underserved in this district instead of the constant barrage of disingenuous political statements and attacks that incite distrust and fuel acrimony.

Unfortunately, in his partisan zeal, Sen. Stec continues to ignore the tireless and stellar efforts and performance efficiency of county health departments in concert with New York state. Clinton, Essex, Franklin, St. Lawrence, Warren and Washington counties have distinguished this region’s (NYS-45) response to the pandemic.

Perhaps more time actually working for the district, as modeled by his recent predecessor, and less time posturing political attack cliches would allow Sen. Stec an actual voice in Albany. The district voted for a representative to serve the constituents, not for a political opportunist. Most of all, real help for this district would be accomplished. The election is over; it is time to work for the people.

NYS-45 Democratic county chairpeople:

Jerry Marking (Clinton)

Margaret Bartley (Essex)

Kathy Fleury (Franklin)

Mark Bellardini (St. Lawrence)

Lynne Boecher (Warren)

Alan Stern (Washington)