Art Devlin for mayor

To the editor:

Village of Lake Placid voters:

March 16, 2021 is fast approaching, your vote for Art Devlin for Mayor would be greatly appreciated.

Twelve years ago, under the previous administration the Village Board was dysfunctional. Craig Randall, Zay Curtis and Art Devlin were elected and worked with the State Comptroller’s Office to do an in depth audit. The village received a scathing audit of our village finances from State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli who stated, “Lake Placid has to get its fiscal house in order and fast.” The report stated “woefully inadequate oversight of the village’s financial operations” from the previous administration was to blame. “A disregard for fiscal monitoring cost Lake Placid taxpayers more than $110,000.”

Art, Zay and Craig worked for months to put procedures, programs and policies in place to correct these financial and many other issues. Art has stated that these procedures, programs and policies are reviewed regularly, keeping the village in compliance. We now have accountability from the board, department heads and employees. This has saved you and me, the taxpayers thousands of dollars. Art will continue to move our village forward. We do not need to go backwards to the Jamie Rogers’ administration.

Art is committed to continue working with the vacation rental permit process to address the concerns of the neighbors, and to ensure the vacation rental owners and renters are following the rules. Art supports the Comprehensive Plan, the work of the Joint Review Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals in administering the Land Use Code. Art is monitoring and observing the three new housing projects to make sure the village and town derive the maximum benefit and not over burden the village systems.

As a business owner Art knows the importance of maintenance, replacement of equipment and a balanced budget.

Art is a listener, a leader, and has worked tirelessly for the village for twelve years. Please cast your vote for Art and continue the forward thinking needed for our great village.


Barbara A. Marvin

Lake Placid