Stefanik backs a domestic terrorist

To the editor:

Elise Stefanik has always stood with Trump. She supports him when he calls our troops “losers and suckers.” Stefanik stands with Trump trying to take away health care for 22 million Americans during the pandemic. Stefanik stands with Trump when he puts kids in cages. Stefanik supports Trump when he calls Nazis “very fine people.” Stefanik stands with Trump when he blows his racist dog whistles. Stefanik supports Trump when he lies about the dangers of the COVID virus! Stefanik stands with Trump perpetuating lies about our fair and free elections. Stefanik stands with Trump inciting domestic terrorism. The attempted coup we saw on Jan. 6 is a direct result of Elise Stefanik and other elected officials standing with Trump and the terrorists that he “loves” and thinks are “special people.”

Trump must be convicted by the Senate, and Stefanik should resign.

Terry Blank

Lake Placid