Local businesses other than Stewart’s sell groceries in Keene

(This letter refers to Naj Wikoff’s On the Scene column in the Dec. 11 issue titled “Keene residents celebrate opening of new Stewart’s.”)

To the editor:

I was disturbed reading where our retiring state senator, Betty Little, extols the virtues of the expanded Stewart’s Shop in Keene.

“They save our communities because every community can no longer have a grocery store. … They are helping to address the food deserts in the North Country,” she said in her opening remarks Dec. 4.

The town of Keene does have a very adequate family-owned grocery store, along with a hardware/department store, a farm market and a well-stocked deli/market that fulfill our needs — all locally owned. Stewart’s in the North Country represents corporate America, an organization that will provide fierce competition for all of them — to the point they may be driven out of business. What a shame.

Lorraine Duvall