Thanks for the horse rescue

To the editor:

I would like to thank all the people on Averyville Road that helped rescue two of our horses that ventured out of our pasture.

A few weeks ago, there were some moose sightings on Averyville. It turns out that the moose encountered our electric fence. Luckily the moose did not get tangled up in the fence, but created an opening for our horses to escape and head out up Tamarack Avenue and onto our neighbors lawn for some choice grass.

Seeing the horses roaming free, one woman was kind enough to drive to our house to let me know the horses were out of the barn, so to speak. Our son was alerted in California, and he connected with my wife who was hunting in the Champlain Valley.

Garrick Smith went to school at Cornell University, so he calmly lead the horses back across Averyville. I opened the barn door, and the horses sauntered down the driveway and settle in for dinner.

These are the perks of living in a small town with great neighbors. Sending thanks to those who help is a small step in the right direction for a divided nation amidst a pandemic.

Art Lussi

Lake Placid