Time for younger citizens to get involved in local government positions

To the editor:

The young generation in the Tri-Lakes is the future of our area and community. With many issues facing our region and few willing to publicly address the issues that could hinder the future potential of the young generation, most look to elders of the area to help the problems that most of us endure. It comes to them to make the decisions that we feel comfortable with as we near a crucial point in our community’s future.

The region seems to value our younger generation for holding the keys to the future. We as young adults are often tasked with choosing how to approach municipal elections with which endured candidate will solve our issues. However, it seems that one option for us in particular, has yet to be put forth.

It has yet to be attempted, but we as the young class often hold a consensus opinion that the only ones to know on a first hand basis our situation, are ourselves.

For so many years, municipal elections have been crowded with a generally elder group of candidates. The newly able voters often speak of their hesitations to choose one of the candidates because they’re unsure if that candidate can actually help, and if their voices can be, or are even being heard.

We as a region often encourage young minds and voices to attend the board meetings, to meet with our mayors, and our town’s elected officials. But just as often, the young crowds are unwilling to put themselves out there, to publicly establish an interest in the public service sector, whether it be for mayor, village or town boards, or town supervisor. It often comes with a stigma of being too shy, or too afraid to speak up, unsure of the results.

It’s time to put ourselves out there. To establish our presence in the future of the Tri-Lakes. If we hold the keys, why aren’t we unlocking the doors. We have all the resources at our fingertips, except one. Will. We have to have the will to create a future that will benefit us. If we want our voices to be heard, it’s time to step up to the microphone, because now more than ever, the region is listening.

With the current housing need, and the want to bring back locals for a romantic community, our voices could now be valued more than ever before. For newly able voters, recently graduated high school kids, young adults and beyond, it’s time to turn the keys, and walk through the doors.

Colin Hayes

Lake Placid