Thank you from Lake Placid Elementary School

To the editor:

The faculty and staff at the Lake Placid Elementary School are all so happy to be back at school with our students and seeing their smiling eyes every day. We have all been working very hard to ensure that the students are learning in a safe and happy environment, and it meant so much to all of us to have a special lunch delivered to us last Friday.

We would like to express the deepest gratitude and appreciation to the following people: Greg Borzilleri, Mirror Lake Boat Rental, Phoebe Burns, Holly and Mickey Healy, and all of the staff at Simply Gourmet, Big Mountain Deli and Creperie and the ‘Dack Shack. They prepared, delivered and provided all of us with an amazing lunch that not only filled our bellies but warmed our hearts to experience such a gesture of kindness.

Although it was a thank-you for our hard work, we needed to share our own thank-you for their generosity. Thank you to all of you who contributed. You truly made each of us feel appreciated for doing our part to help the children of our community stay healthy and grow. Your thoughtfulness meant so much to us. Thank you all for being so kind!

With appreciation,

Sonja Franklin, on behalf of Lake Placid Elementary School

Lake Placid