Peduzzi will be missed in school’s kitchen

To the editor:

It was with pleasure that we read your interview with retiring North Country School Head of Kitchen Paulette Peduzzi (Sept. 25 issue). Working at the school with Paulette for over 20 years was a valued experience for me.

Paulette infused the North Country School kitchen with a humble, creative and independent spirit. Quite simply, she is the definition of honorable work ethic. The nutritious and delicious meals from her kitchen were served with her steadfast focus toward task, her natural grace and her calming influence toward the mix that buzzed around her. Paulette created the epitome of a welcoming comfort space, as well as, hearty food. It cannot go without saying that she also cast a warm smile and gentle tolerance toward the occasional less-than-appreciative young student — “But I HATE beets!”

I wish her the luxury of being off-the-clock, taking a few more moments to tuck under a cozy down comforter in the dark depths of winter, and too, the leisure to tuck into a good book.

Alison Follos