Message from the supervisor

To the citizens of the town of North Elba:

This is an extraordinary time that we are experiencing both here and worldwide. Throughout our lifetimes, we have never been challenged by an invisible enemy that has left such fear, uncertainty and anxiety amongst all of us. Situations and directives change daily making it difficult to comprehend and prepare for.

Directives and information from the federal, state, and county pipelines has been flowing to townships from multiple agencies. The amount of emails regarding the coronavirus/COVID-19 is sometimes repetitive and overwhelming, but certain facts and directives per Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s 10-point NYS on PAUSE plan stand firm.

We are extremely fortunate to live in this beautiful area, which we all cherish so much. We have a great team in so many respects that have accomplished things that other communities of our size only dream about.

I respectfully request that all of you abide by the governor’s orders and stay calm and at home. This applies to locals and any visitors that may be here in any capacity. Once again, we need a solid commitment and teamwork to get by this issue.

I am confident that with your support we will make this happen as quickly as possible.

My utmost thanks to all of you who are doing everything possible to be part of this effort.

Stay safe,

Jay Rand

Supervisor, town of North Elba

Lake Placid