Lake Placid police chief has message for the community: ‘We will get through this’

(Editor’s note: The following is an open letter to the Lake Placid community from Lake Placid Police Chief William P. Moore, dated March 23.)

Dear friends and neighbors,

Just over two weeks ago, it was business as usual. No one said the words “social distancing.” The big talk in our community was vacation rentals, the Main Street reconstruction project and high school sports. The approaching spring break was also the talk, in which many of our community members get out of town to various locations for a much-needed break from winter. Times have drastically changed.

A lot of uncertainty faces the nation, state and our community at this time. In our community, we have witnessed drastic changes. It’s like a Hollywood movie script. No one ever thought it would come to this, but it has. We are nervous, anxious and feeling the uncertainty of our various situations.

As a community, we will get through this. Residents of the North Country are a very resilient bunch. We are a tight-knit group who watches out for each other. This has been proven time and time again. This is why we live here. We always thrive as a community.

During these difficult times, watch out for your neighbors, especially the elderly ones. Let them go in front of you at the grocery store. Check on them to see if they need anything. Keep your kids home and not “hanging out” with others. Support your neighbors as best you can. Stay socially distanced, practice good hygiene and use hand sanitizer. Stop the spread.

Things will get better; it is a matter of time. We all need to be patient.

The police department is open and staffed. If you have any questions, call us (518-523-3306). We will do our best to give you answers.

Thank you and stay safe.

William P. Moore

Lake Placid chief of police