Hospitality amidst chaos

To the editor:

With all the travel arrangements tossed to the wind, there are a few who remain calm, cool, collected and provide the true Olympic Village brand of hospitality.

A month ago I planned to return to my hometown for another ECAC hockey championship. Flying from Florida to Plattsburgh was to be an adventure. Room reservations were secured at Town & Country Motor Inn, where I had successfully stayed several other visits. 

Canceling all aspects of travel has been daunting as it seems everyone is bailing out immediately. Phones are jammed. Internet challenged. Not everyone’s question can be answered when lucky to connect.

I know the importance of tourism in Placid and the world beyond. It can be difficult under ideal conditions. Owners and managers emptying the till is discouraging, but I must compliment Anna Szczesna of the Town & Country Motor Inn for compassionately listening and working with me. I could nearly detect her grief about losing so much business, but her remorse never altered her approach to helping a guest who was about to bail out due to coronavirus.

Kudos galore to a true Placid representative, Anna Szczesna. Brighter days ahead.

Jim Fullerton

North Venice, Florida