Parking meter frustration in Placid

To the editor:

Yes, I got a parking ticket in the village of Lake Placid.

Yes, we spend an autumn and winter vacation here, more years than we can count.

Yes, we were more intent on shopping and lunch on Main Street, and did spend a lot more than the final cost of the fine.

Did not get the usual receipt to put on the dash and check the time, but found out later that snow covers a window with this info.

Wrong choice, could have gone and solicited quarters in a store or used our credit card. (Can you imagine Discover card, seeing a transaction for one or two dollars in the world-famous village of Lake Placid, New York?!)

As we shopped and mentioned the parking kiosk to the various store staff, a few did not know what was on the units. We had one tell us it was new and not yet in operation. Most we talked to were very vocal and shared their dislikes about the whole situation, and now we can agree with them.

Yes, we stopped in the village hall and paid the $25 fine, and my wife couldn’t wait to get on the road away from there.

On our way back downstate, stopped in the city of Saratoga Springs, where you can park on any street or public parking lot without the inconvenience of meters, a delight to tourist and locals.

Charley Shields

Rock Hill

P.S.: Perhaps our next year’s trips will be to Vermont to ski at Killington.