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Some younger readers may not remember it, but not very long ago, one couldn’t read newspaper articles for free. You had to buy the paper first, or get it from someone who had bought it.

Those days are coming back, with modern touches thrown in. We recently launched our All Access package for print and digital subscribers on the Lake Placid News website — www.lakeplacidnews.com — eight years after our sister newspaper, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Until a few weeks ago, we had been posting our website content for anyone to read at no charge. It was a big risk to give away a valuable product — for us and most of the newspaper industry — but the risk didn’t pay off, and newspapers across the nation have started charging online readers, in various ways. At long last, we, too, have declared the free-news experiment a failure.

Our reporters and editors in the News and Enterprise newsroom in Saranac Lake keep busy covering news and sports the Tri-Lakes and Olympic regions of the Adirondack Park. We also have employees to produce, print and distribute the paper, sell ads and manage the books. Those people need to get paid; they have families to support. That means we can no longer offer the fruits of their labor for nothing.

We welcome these changes. After all, who else is giving away their products for free? Would you stop by the South Meadow Farm and ask Tony Corwin for free maple syrup? Would you stop by High Peaks Cyclery and ask Brian Delaney for a free bicycle? Or would you expect the Clark family to give you free access to the Palace Theatre anytime you want to see a movie? Of course not. These are businesses, just like the newspaper is a business, and our products have value.

And like any other local business, we need your support. We need you to be a subscriber.

On our website, we’ve added a new replica edition of the latest issue for your smartphone, tablet or computer. Click on a headline, and the story text will pop up in a window. As a subscriber, you will get complete access to our website content. That includes news and sports stories, obituaries, editorials and letters going back years.

Print subscribers get all this at no extra charge, and we have digital-only rates. You can sign up on the website or call our office at 518-891-2600.

The digital-only rate is $75 a year (or $6.25 a month) for EZ Pay. For print subscribers, with each issue mailed to you directly — inside Essex County, the cheapest rate is $78 a year; and outside Essex County, the cheapest rate is $101.20 a year. There are also an EZ Pay rates, which are automatically charged to a credit card monthly: $6.75 a month inside Essex County and $9.20 a month outside Essex County.

Existing subscribers should call our circulation manager, Liz Murray, to set up digital access.

Since 1905, we’ve been proud to say to you — whether you’ve read our newspaper for free or purchased it – thank you for being a reader. And more and more, we look forward to saying to you, thank you for being a subscriber.

Happy reading and happy Thanksgiving.

Starting at $1.44/week.

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