Community call on Ironman contract a step in the right direction

Ironman rock on the shore of Mirror Lake marks the beginning of the Ironman Lake Placid triathlon, which was founded in 1999. (News photo — Andy Flynn)

While residents and business owners in Lake Placid have always had the chance to voice their opinions on whether this village should continue hosting the Ironman Lake Placid triathlon, which it has done since 1999 (minus the pandemic summer of 2020), the virtual community call on Zoom Wednesday, July 14 hosted by the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism was a welcome addition to the decision of renewing the Ironman contract beyond 2021.

Let’s hope the public conversations continue, especially with other large-scale events.

Residents have a love-hate relationship with Ironman, and that was evident on the Zoom call. But things were different 22 years ago. It’s time to reevaluate our community’s priorities.

Whether it was a blip or not, last summer proved that Lake Placid doesn’t need large-scale events in July or August to survive, or thrive. We did just fine with the visitors seeking the great outdoors — even without the Canadian market.

So here we are, as ROOST dives into a destination management planning process, working with the community to reach a consensus on what kind of tourism it will take to “ensure quality of life for residents and quality of place for visitors.”

We encourage residents, visitors and business owners to send your thoughts by email to ROOST Chief Operating Officer Mary Jane Lawrence at maryjane@lakeplacid.com.

And send your opinions to the Lake Placid News as well: news@lakeplacidnews.com. Include your name, city of residence and phone number.