Stay safe, informed

The world has changed since COVID-19 grew into a pandemic. At breakneck speed, we watched the numbers of cases spread, threatening all who ventured out. As everyone was glued to the TV, they also grabbed our newspapers to find out the numbers here in the Tri-Lakes area.

The novel coronavirus hit New York City like a tsunami, with our area only feeling a ripple at this point, but wondering if it will multiply like it did at the epicenter of the country. Here at the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and Lake Placid News, we sprang into action.

As an essential business, it was important to get out as much information about how the virus as quickly as possible. It was also important that as soon as the word came to shelter at home, we had to move our employees to work remotely. Since we have presses, that doesn’t allow for everyone to work from home. We have a skeleton crew working in the building at the safe 6-foot distance from each other.

We know it is our duty to inform our readers in print and online about how the coronavirus is spread and what the preventive measures and symptoms are. It is important to report on the daily count of those tested, quarantined and confirmed with the virus that has reached the North Country.

Our staff has worked tirelessly to inform and update our readers with the facts and breaking news to keep you safe. There is no better time than now to be informed.

While news about COVID-19 will be reported to everyone 24/7 on all platforms, we hope you see the great value in getting updates of local breaking news to keep you safe. Show your support by calling 518-891-2600 or by going on our website and subscribing either online with our new digital subscription service or in print, delivered to your home.

Our hopes and prayers are with our friends, neighbors and families to stay healthy by staying safe.