We’re here to inform and support

We are grateful for the hard-working local businesses that are supported by our community and are struggling during these times with the COVID-19 virus. We will try whatever we can to help them stay viable and in business. It is important that our local businesses succeed — to us as a community newspaper as well as to families who depend on them for their purchases and their support of local fundraising.

Our local businesses are trying to fill the needs of our community during this unprecedented time of a pandemic. Some are doing curbside delivery, pick-ups and deliveries, from books to jewelery to food. Some are being innovative in reaching the groups of 10 or more by planning streaming, from funeral services to yoga classes. As social creatures who need to congregate, these are great ideas to help people feel like part of a group.

Our newspapers are here to help you get the word out: through news articles, an open forum of opinion pieces, and advertising to convey your message in the newspaper or online.

Our websites, AdirondackDailyEnterprise.com and LakePlacidNews.com, are informing our communities of the updates and breaking news daily. We are committed to informing our readers of alerts and what businesses are essential and are open for business. The traffic on our website is high as readers are hungry for information they need to know. As the local media, we are committed to give you the news of the Tri-Lakes area as we learn it.

We also hope you see the value in supporting our local journalists and staff, from the front office to the press crew to the carriers who deliver the final product to your home.

Local businesses are a barometer to the health of the local economy. We depend on these small businesses to help our newspaper keep you informed and to keep the economy healthy.

Thank you for supporting our local businesses and your local newspapers. Please send us your comments and feedback to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise Managing Editor Peter Crowley at pcrowley@adirondackdailyenterprise.com and Lake Placid News Editor Andy Flynn at aflynn@lakeplacidnews.com. Better yet, send it to both newspapers for a wider audience. Thank you.