LIVING IN AVERYVILLE: Biking in the Adirondacks

Rose’s bicycle (Photo provided)

I love riding my mountain bike — on and off the road. It’s fun, and it relieves stress.

Right now I have a green, full suspension Kona. It has front and rear shocks. It is really fast and fun.

Riding to school, I’ve noticed there isn’t much mountain bike traffic on the road and there aren’t many bikes “parked” on the school racks. I think that’s weird because so many people are always riding past my house on Averyville Road. Maybe more people like to ride road bikes than mountain bikes.

I like to ride on the trails behind my house, in the woods, with my dad and my siblings.

I bet there are a lot of people who mountain bike in Wilmington because I heard that there are some really great jump trails there. Wilmington has many other cool spots to visit, such as Santa’s Workshop.

There are a lot of hard-core bikers in the Adirondacks. In the winter, they probably turn into hard-core skiers, especially in Wilmington, home of the Whiteface Mountain Ski Center.

Biking is not only fun; it’s super healthy for you. It’s also a nice social activity. You can ride with a friend, a neighbor, even a classmate.

Speaking of social activities, lots of people participate in bike-a-thons. They can fund several different things and raise money for towns, sick people and other worthy causes. You need to get sponsors. Basically people ask neighbors, classmates and friends to pay you a certain amount of money for a certain amount of bike riding. Then all that money goes to the cause that needs funding.

I have never ridden in a bike-a-thon, but they sound really fun.

When you bike, safety comes first. You should always wear a helmet, tie your shoes and wear a safety vest. I found this out once when I was riding around a sharp curve and rode in the sand, skidded out and fell.

Some people have E-bikes where you can peddle really hard and then it’s all turned into energy. When you are going up big hills, you can just sit and you will move without any effort.

I put my bike away for the winter like most people. In the spring it always feels good to get back on and ride again.

You can find cool bikes and gear in Lake Placid at places such as High Peaks Cyclery on Main Street and Placid Planet Bicycles on Saranac Avenue

In the meantime, this hard-core mountain biker will enjoy some hard-core cross-country skiing this winter in Lake Placid. Stay safe out there.

(Rose Wenzler is a sixth-grade student at the Lake Placid Middle School. This past summer, she wrote and self-published a small weekly newspaper for her neighborhood, the Averyville Press.)