HISTORY IS COOL: 98 years ago

Oct. 19, 1923

Theater approved

Louis Wetmore of Glens Falls, architect for Lake Placid’s new theater building, was in town Wednesday and brought a final approval from Albany for the foundation plans of the building.

Excavation on the new building site is going on pace and, according to a statement this week of one of the officials of the corporation, will have to be carried back only about 24 feet farther than the present limits of the work. Operations will then begin on the foundations.

The concrete will all be poured this autumn, if weather conditions permit.

Besides the theater auditorium seating 1,000 people, the three-story building will include two modern stores on the ground floor with the theater entrance between, and two floors of living apartments above.

Last concert

The last concert of the season was given at the Lake Placid Club Monday evening by the Boston Symphony ensemble. This ensemble has been playing daily at the Club since June 15 under the leadership of Daniel Kuntz, for 33 years first violin in the great Boston Symphony.

During the summer, the ensemble has given concerts at Trudeau sanatorium, Ray Brook sanatorium and at Stony Wold sanatorium and has played to thousands of people at the Club. It is expected that practically all of the musicians will return next summer, while Mr. Kuntz will be here this winter for a few weeks.

Basketball benefit

The promoters of the Lake Placid basketball team hope to see every supporter of the team and every basketball fan in town at the benefit dance being held for the team at the town hall Friday evening, Nov. 2.

According to reports, it is planned to have this season an even better team than last year, and last year’s team won 16 out of 24 games, meeting the fastest professional teams of northern New York.

Although this season’s schedule is not yet arranged, it is planned to schedule about 30 games for the winter. The high school building will be used as before.

The lineup so far consists of Burns, Hurley, Shea, Randall, Devlin, Rand and Timmons. A few more are still to come before the squad is complete, but there is no lack of good material in town. One player, Carter, is missing from last year’s team, but no difficulty is anticipated in filling the position.

The first game, it is thought, will be Nov. 10.

Trudeau fire

Destruction of the Trudeau Sanatorium Pavilion Building today marks the first disastrous fire which has ever visited that institution in the 40 years since it was built. Saranac Lake village fire department responded to an alarm turned in at one o’clock, and a column of smoke plainly discernible from the town showed that the flames were well underway at that time. By three o’clock, the structure was a heap of ashes and several other of the sanatorium group had been threatened.

The origin of the blaze is thought to have been from sparks from some rubbish burning on the grounds.