HISTORY IS COOL: 100 years ago

Sept. 9, 1921

Theater name contest

In a recent interview with one of the officials of the Adirondack Theatre Corporation, 33 new names were given to the News, which had been received in the past week, as suggestions being appropriate for the new fireproof theater the corporation is to erect.

The names submitted are: The Fircone, The Pastime, John Brown, The Maple Leaf, The Mountain Lake, The Arena, The Blue Bird, The Franklin, The Globe, The Hudson, The Jewel, The Keystone, The Lincoln, The Lyric, The Morningside, The Miracle, The North Star, The Odeon, Amusu, The Alpha, The Bunny, The Classique, The Orient, The Eastbreeze, The Plaza, The Venice, The Carmine, The Variety, The Big Eagle, The Empress, The Crystal Palace, The Irving, and Swastika (Indian good luck).

At the last meeting of the board of directors, several plans were considered, which were submitted by prominent architects. Among them, two plans were submitted by the firm of Pember and Campaigne, the firm which is now overseeing the building of the new school house.

No definite decisions have been made as yet as to what plans will be accepted. The new theater, which will be of fireproof construction, will include two stores on the street level, besides several offices on the second floor, and will have a seating capacity of 1,000.

(Many more names were eventually submitted. The Palace, as the theater became, opened in 1926.)

School opens

School opened Tuesday with a larger registration and more crowded conditions than ever before. There are 90 pupils in the Senior High School as compared with 50 last year. In the Junior High School, 84 are registered.

Twenty-five or 30 are expected to enter high school late. It is stated that that constitutes one great difficulty in this place, the fact that so many come in late and expect to make up the work and finish the same as those who have had the full year’s training.

A period has been added to the schedule and practically every room is in use every period in the high school. The additional period is secured by doing away with the two short periods for physical training and substituting two full periods a week under the physical directors.

Elizabethtown lake

Even though the new lake in Elizabethtown has not yet developed beyond the conversation stage, members of the Board of Trade and summer colony generally are bestirring themselves to find a suitable name for this new body of water.

The report of Charles C. Stafford, the engineer in charge of the preliminary survey that was submitted at a meeting of the board Wednesday night, said that steps toward raising the necessary funds will be taken before the close of the present season. It is estimated that the project will cost about $20,000.

The engineer’s report showed that the dam when built will be 392 feet long and that the lake will be about a half mile wide, flooding back up the valley of the Bouquet 3 miles to New Russia, on a 15-foot level.

Joseph E. Goulett, manager of the Windsor Hotel, announced last week that if the project to create the lake materializes as expected, the hotel company of which Henry S. Duncan is president, will construct a rustic bridge from the ball park to the lake shore, with boathouses and bathhouses on the shore.