HISTORY IS COOL: 95 years ago

Sept. 3, 1926

New Hotel Marcy

With the trees being cleared away from the lot on which the first unit of the new Hotel Marcy is to be erected and with the word of Thomas G. Maxwell, president of the Amsterdam Building Company of New York, general contractors in charge of construction, that ground will be broken at the latest next Monday, initial work in the building of Lake Placid’s new 100-room hotel is progressing rapidly.

Two hundred workmen at least will be employed on the new construction all winter. There is an especial need for experienced bricklayers and masons.

Polo field planned

Polo as one of Lake Placid’s outstanding summer attractions has received a big boost in the gift of land for the years 1927, 1928 and 1929, by James B. Hurley to Solon L. Frank for the use as a polo field.

This plot, formerly known as the lumber yard at Newman, is only a short distance from Shea’s Field where the first polo game in Lake Placid was played under Mr. Frank’s direction a few years ago. The regulation field is 600 yards by 400 yards, and this plot is said to meet fully these requirements. Considerable work will be done on the property. The entire plot will be enclosed with a fence all around.

Seats to accommodate more than 1,000 spectators will be erected on both sides of the playing field. The ground will be carefully sodded. Work will begin early next spring so that the field will be ready for play by July 1 next.

Frank’s heart attack

Solon L. Frank of New York City (mentioned in the previous story about a new polo field in Lake Placid), popular member of Lake Placid’s summer colony and a guest at the Grand View Hotel for several seasons past, was stricken with a bad heart attack Sunday evening on his way to a corn roast, which he was giving for the staff of the hotel.

Mr. Frank was brought back to the hotel immediately, under the care of Dr. J.J. Wiener, where he was made as comfortable as possible. His many friends will be glad to know that his condition is improving, although a physician and nurse are still in constant attendance.

At the corn roast, the staff of the hotel were planning to present Mr. Frank with a silver cigarette case, cigar lighter and match box in token of his various kindnesses to them during this and preceding summers.

Mr. Frank has been particularly active during the past summer in instituting plans for regular polo matches in Lake Placid.

‘Doris’ propeller

A broken propeller shaft on the “Doris” in the west lake yesterday afternoon about 3 p.m. made it necessary to transfer the passengers to the boat “Anna” for the trip around the lake, and to the “Doris” back to the George & Bliss landing.

When the accident occurred, the distress signal was sounded, and the motorboat “Lucifer” put out from the St. Armand camp, and with the aid of other boats towed the “Doris” to the St. Armand wharf.

The “Anna” then came up from the George & Bliss dock. About 70 passengers were transferred.