GARDEN CLUB NEWS: Inside or outside, nature’s growth ignores COVID

It seems like an excellent time to tend to our house plants and prepare some or all of them to go outside.

At least we can prune, trim, add new soil and/or fertilize plants we have inside. Many of the trimmed pieces will root if put into a small water vase and placed on a sunny window sill or a well-lit area. These cuttings from many of our indoor plants will, in fact, root and can be used as a filler for exterior planters. Most house plants prefer shade or at least partial shade when transplanted. This activity might improve our mood, and it is always a treat to get out and play in the dirt!

Many of our planned Garden Club of Lake Placid activities have been canceled or postponed. Keep checking our website for updates. We are making decisions as each month rolls around.

Our work at Elderwood of Uihlein at Lake Placid is now suspended, but some outdoor garden work is permissible. This is chaired by Sally Stoerr.

Because time and nature continue in spite of the coronavirus, the Small Gardens group under Faith Bowie Brown and Triangle Garden under Paula Politi continues with necessary precautions.

Just last week, Adopt-A-Highway’s chair Denise Erenstone picked up trash on a section of state Route 86 with a crew of Diane Collins, Brita Chagnon, Pearl and Woods McCahill, Sally Stoerr and Naomi Wild. We invite you to contact and help the leaders of these valuable activities which are noted on our website, www.gardencluboflakeplacid.org.

The Garden Club will now search for local gardens that catch the eye. The winners will receive a Green Thumb Award. We are looking for what is in bloom currently or later in the summer and residences that decorate with annuals in planters, pots or the ground which enhance a home or property. We realize some perennials are in bloom or will be and also deserve recognition. If you are aware of an outstanding garden or floral display, please contact Cherise Bixler at lpbeautification@gmail.com. Cherise is the director of the Lake Placid Beautification organization and will give recommendations initial viewing. The Green Thumb committee will then make final decisions. The deadline is Aug. 15. Cherise hopes to hear from you. You may also nominate yourself.

Just a word about Lake Placid Beautification. The mission of this organization is to further floral/plant enhancement of this area, promote programs for local children, coordinate with other organizations for clean, safe and beautiful public areas and encourage creation and maintenance of parks throughout the community.

Membership to the Garden Club is always open. Forms are available to be printed from a drop down menu on the website. Please join us for flowers, friends and fun.