WILMINGTON WAY: Public service a family tradition for Eric Bruce

Eric Bruce (Photo provided)

This week’s “Wilmington Way” article is dedicated to Eric Bruce, who comes from a long family history of commitment to the citizens of the town of Wilmington.

In fact, on both sides of his family ancestry, he follows the genetic makeup of relatives with years of public service to our town. He continues with a legacy that was laid by both the Bruce and Winch sides of his family. The two families go back generations in our community.

Eric’s great-great-grandfather, Forest Winch, was highway superintendent in the 1940s. His grandfather, James Bruce, was a town justice and councilman for years. Eric’s Father, Marcel, worked for the highway department for years before becoming the Wilmington highway superintendent. Marcel served in that position for several terms and now serves our community as a town assessor.

In some ways, the groundwork of citizenship and public service are either learned or are just there. For Eric Bruce, it clearly is a little of both.

He has the distinction of being a third generation graduate of Lake Placid High School. Both Eric’s mom, Colleen, and grandfather, James Winch Sr., are graduates of Lake Placid High School.

Born in 1988, he was hired by the town of Wilmington in 2010. His time with our highway department has benefited our community very much. He is known for his willingness to step up and get the job done. Ever dependable, Eric will come to work on a moment’s notice. During our harsh winter weather, this is important for keeping our roads clear of snow. He currently holds a commercial driver’s license.

Most recently, Eric has been working hard to get his class A driver’s license. This will give him the ability to pull larger trailers for hauling heavy equipment. One must study, practice and take a test to get the coveted class A designation. It is quite the process. I am happy to report he passed his road test for his new license designation just recently.

Wilmington is fortunate to have people like Eric as part of our team. He is a mechanic and has the ability to run just about all equipment that the town owns. Operating things like bucket trucks, plows, back hoes, grader and loader are just in a day’s work for him.

Eric is married to his wife Trisha. They have two boys that keep them pretty busy. From mountain biking, fishing and hockey in the winter, they stay very active. Apparently even motorized dirt biking is a regular Bruce family activity.

Eric’s friendly personality and demeanor make people around him very comfortable. He has the personal traits that place a person at ease when meeting him. He is quick witted and humorous. His work ethic and connections to our community both past and present, make him the perfect Wilmington Way team member. We are extremely happy he works for the people of the town of Wilmington.

(Roy Holzer is the Wilmington town supervisor.)