ROTARY CLUB NEWS: Lake Placid Rotary Club celebrates the gift of membership

Last month, the Lake Placid Rotary Club held a social to welcome prospective members.

Gathered in the Crowne Plaza’s Great Room, about 30 local Rotarians and a number of spouses mingled with invited guests who were there to learn about Rotary.

Each guest received a free drink ticket as the club’s token of appreciation for their interest in Rotary’s support of the local community, as well as the organization’s work worldwide.

As part of a brief program, new member Ren Jacoby offered the following Rotary moment: “As the Rotary rookie, I was asked to share a moment tonight. This is my first year as a member. It is also my first social event. It was during my first breakfast meeting as an invited guest last March that I knew I was among a special group of people.

“With absolutely no preconceived ideas of what a Rotary club was, I listened intently to two veteran members who spoke as part of the club’s ongoing Getting to Know You series. Their life stories clearly defined the essence of what being a Rotarian meant to them. These are individuals of various backgrounds, education, experience, and talent who want to give back following the famous Rotary motto, ‘Service Above Self.’

“I think Shakespeare best defines this quality: ‘The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.’

“This is exactly what I have found to be the common link of all members, the desire to do some good, and the desire to serve in some capacity. The scope of service is as varied as its individuals. Rotary is structured so that each person can self-define their way to serve.

“On a local scale the club annually raises funds through their Dam Duck Race (in June) and their spring and fall trivia nights, to benefit various community needs.

“It also hosts an annual children’s Teddy Bear Picnic (in September), which it inherited from the recently discontinued Kiwanis Club. Over the years, the members were an integral part of building the Shipman Youth Center, cleaning playgrounds, and garnering support for local environmental issues.

“At each weekly meeting members donate a dollar and share something that brings them joy and happiness, such as visiting grandchildren, skiing, biking or just being happy, especially when the sun shines. I’m blown away with the membership’s camaraderie, and fellowship supporting each other in times of setback or loss.

“On a worldwide scale, Rotary helps to fight disease, improve living conditions, provide relief in times of disaster, support education, help to grow economies and promote world peace.

“I am happy and humbled to count myself one of the 1.2 million like-minded people who have chosen to share their gifts to selflessly help make their community and the world a better place.”

The Rotary Club of Lake Placid meets on Thursday mornings from 7:20 to 8:30 a.m. at the Courtyard by Marriott.

Check us out on Facebook and our web page https://www.rotarylakeplacid.org/. For more information, email RotaryLakePlacid@gmail.com.