LAKE PLACID DIET: Inspired by ‘Krocks in the Kitchen,’ the struggle is real

Start (Dec. 31): 447 lbs.

Last week: 437 lbs.

This week: 433 lbs.

Total lost in 2020: 14 lbs.

I’ve written about my weight-loss struggles many times in this column over the past six years, and although I have not yet struggled with any major issues so far this year, I know that eventually life will knock me down again, and I’ll have to work hard to get back up.

Eating more of a whole-food, plant-based diet seems to be working well. I only eat meat and dairy a couple of times a week now, and I feel much better mentally and physically on the days I’m not eating animal products. My digestion has certainly improved!

And with 14 pounds down in four weeks, I must be doing something right. I’ve been here before, and these are the early days. I’m looking forward to getting past 30 pounds down. Then I’ll know I’m on a roll.

I’m still not getting as much exercise as I’d like, but I’ve been going to Fitness Revolution at least once a week. My goal is to get there between three and five days a week, but tweaking my work schedule seems to be a process; I can’t just flip a switch and make it happen. I’ve got to figure it out, and soon.

I like to hear about other people’s weight-loss stories on YouTube. I recently found a channel I like called “Krocks in the Kitchen.” It was launched on March 31, 2019 by a couple from St. Louis who have transformed their lives by eating a whole-food, plant-based diet. Combined, they’ve lost almost 300 pounds since June 22, 2018.

Brian and Jessica Krock share stories about what they’re eating and how they’re feeling, videotaping themselves in the kitchen. I like it because it’s genuine. Like me, they are using the media to keep themselves accountable, so I can relate.

The latest episode is titled “Weight Loss ‘Adventure’ Update: Jessica’s Struggle to Stay on Track.” Once she admitted to losing will power and eating too many peanut butter cups while her husband wasn’t watching, it was like reliving my own struggles. She had another “starting tomorrow” moment. It’s something I’ve been dealing with most of my life, and it will never end. Her struggle is real. I felt it, and I’m thankful she shared the video with us.

We’re all there with you, Jessica. You can do it!