Construction along Main Street continues

Progress on the bioretention construction continued as this photo was taken July 6 at the NBT parking lot on Main Street, Lake Placid. A new retaining wall will be installed in the coming weeks. (News photo — Andy Flynn)

LAKE PLACID — Construction along Lake Placid’s Main Street is expected to wind down for the summer in the next few weeks, but work at the municipal lot across from NBT Bank may continue longer than anticipated.

Construction crews are planning to install a new Redi-Rock retaining wall at the lower municipal parking lot across from NBT Bank. Village officials had expected that work to be done by early August, but Mayor Art Devlin said on Monday, July 19 there’s been some delay in the delivery of the materials and the wall may not be installed until the third or fourth week of August.

Work at the intersection of Main Street, Mirror Lake Drive and Saranac Avenue was expected to wrap up this week. Devlin said on July 19 that after speaking with the Lake Placid Business Association, the village decided that restoring the turning lane on Saranac Avenue this year, rather than waiting until next year, was the best thing to do.

“If you don’t put it in this year and pick up a few parking spaces, you’re still going to have that problem,” he said. “If somebody turns left, it’s going to tie everybody up until that person can turn left.”

There will be some landscaping work done at One Main Park sometime this summer, specifically plantings, but the village plans to hold off on that for a while so the plantings don’t get flooded by rain, according to Community Development Director Haley Breen.

Work continued at the big municipal lot across from the post office, where construction crews are working on installing a bioretention basin. Breen said the crews will eventually put in a drain at the end of Olympic Drive. The goal is for parking to be fully restored in the big municipal lot by early to mid-August.

Construction work will start again along Main Street sometime after Labor Day, according to Breen.

The village hopes to see upgrades to Main Street between One Main Park and the lower municipal lot across from NBT Bank completed this year, according to Devlin.

“Everyone has been so good about the project, it would be nice for them to see what we’ve put up with everything for,” Devlin said. “The end will justify the means, hopefully.”

Village Trustee Peter Holdereid suggested the village send a letter to business owners and building owners to let them know that if they’d like to replace their water lines before the sidewalk is replaced in that area, they should make those plans.

The village offers a construction forecast newsletter. People can sign up on the village website, villageoflakeplacid.ny.gov.

The village has also partnered with the Essex County Transportation Department to offer a new shuttle to Main Street this summer. Anyone interested in taking the shuttle can park at the parking lot behind the Lake Placid-North Elba Historical Society’s History Museum on Station Street and ride the shuttle to several stops along Main Street, including the Olympic Center complex, the municipal parking lot across from NBT Bank, and the north end of Main Street near One Main Park and Players sports bar.