Hurley will temporarily stay on as review board chairman

Lake Placid-North Elba Joint Review Board Chairman Bill Hurley, left, watches Christopher Kettler of DMK Development present the design of the proposed Tractor Supply Company store in Ray Brook Dec. 18, 2013 at the North Elba Town Hall. (News photo — Andy Flynn)

LAKE PLACID — Lake Placid-North Elba Joint Review Board Chairman Bill Hurley will stay in his position for at least a couple more weeks.

The outgoing chairman, who planned to leave the board at the end of his term on Dec. 31, will instead stay on as chairman to help the board as it nears the end of its review of the Peaks at Lake Placid housing complex at the former W. Alton Jones Cell Science Center.

“It’s going to be for a short time,” Hurley said. “The board agreed we shouldn’t throw a new guy in. I said I’d stay on just to help out. As soon as that project is over, I’m out.”

After he departs, a new chairperson will be appointed to serve a five-year term on the board.

Hurley, who is co-owner of the Hurley Brothers fuel company, has been on the review board for decades. He was first appointed by then-Mayor Jim Strack in 1998 and became chairman of the board in 2005. He’s been part of reviewing thousands of land development, sign installation, boathouse construction and building renovation plans over the years.

The housing complex at the former Cell Science Center, which is being developed by local developer Joseph Barile, is one of the largest projects to come before the review board. It would add 265 apartments and 90 condominiums.

The review board meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 5:30 p.m. and occasionally has other meetings and site visits depending on the cases before the board.