WILMINGTON WAY: Gerald Bruce a humble town clerk and citizen

Gerald Bruce (Photo provided)

This week’s Wilmington Way subject is Town Clerk Gerald Bruce. Having worked for the town of Wilmington in one capacity or another, his journey with our community started in 1960.

A native of Wilmington whose family goes back generations, Gerry was born right here in town. In fact, he drew his first breath at the property known as the Willkommen Hof.

He is a true public servant in every stretch of the word. Gerry’s low-key and subtle demeanor is a testament to the man he really is. He does not boast or brag about his years of service to his community. His decades of serving the citizens of the town of Wilmington speak volumes.

Gerry has paid his dues with years of assistance in our local volunteer fire department. He’s an honorary member of the Wilmington Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad and has served in various officer positions. He even went to the rank of assistant fire chief.

Service to others did not began and end with his beloved town of Wilmington. He was a patrolman, sergeant and worked his way up to being chief of the village of Lake Placid Police Department. These positions he held for over 20 years. He was fondly known as the “Andy Griffith” of Lake Placid. He has always been willing to volunteer for civic projects. From being a Boy Scout Master years ago to working on our yearly Children’s Christmas Party, he is always willing to help.

As our town clerk, he normally starts his work day very early. The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed his routine; however, it did not change his dedication to the job. Following social distancing guidelines, he would start work very early each day and leave when others would just be arriving. His town office phone was accessible from his home, and he would continue to assist his constituents remotely. He managed to get the work done as the country was shut down.

Even with all his accomplishments, Gerry totally gleams when talking about his children. He shines even brighter when talking about his grandchildren and others close to him.

As a town clerk, Gerry is responsible for maintaining the official records of the town of Wilmington. What a testament to know the records will show him as one of the longest serving people in the employ of our town government. His “Wilmington Way” and dedication to our community is quite the record.


(Roy Holzer is the town of Wilmington supervisor.)