Camp Treetops in Lake Placid cancels 2020 summer season

LAKE PLACID — Officials at Camp Treetops at North Country School announced last week that they are canceling the 2020 summer season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Camp Director Karen Culpepper wrote about the decision on the Treetops blog Saturday, May 16, titled, “An Important and Difficult Update.”

“Last week, I wrote about the path we were on and about what I hoped the destination would look like,” Culpepper wrote. “As I reflect on the last several months, I’m less sure there was a path. The journey to this decision was more like a bushwhack: challenging, frustrating, and at times, disheartening. I was pushed forward by the support and trust of this community. I had hoped that we would emerge from the woods, scratched up, muddy and with twigs in our hair, on the summit of a mountain with sun shining and the views breathtaking. That is the destination I hoped for: the embodiment of a Treetops summer. I can assure you, we will have those summers again.”

Camp Treetops & North Country School Executive Director Todd Ormiston made the official announcement, published on their website.

“This extraordinarily difficult decision did not come without an enormous amount of research, planning, and communication with the agencies and organizations overseeing the COVID-19 pandemic response,” he wrote.