USA Luge raising funds to help local employees

Dear citizens of Lake Placid:

I hope you are in good health, protected and safe. It is hard to believe that the coronavirus has been present in our area for more than two months. Many people find comfort and refuge in our home village of Lake Placid.

While Lake Placid provides refuge for many of us, a lot of people from our community work every day to provide needed services for all of us to have a safe, protected and healthy life. Most of those people have put their lives on the line and have not been recognized by our community.

After talking to USA Luge staff, we would like address that. We would like to recognize hard-working employees of our supermarkets, convenience stores and other front-line businesses and local charities. Those employees come to work every day to provide Lake Placid and Tri-Lakes community with the needed supply of food, medicine and merchandise. Every day, they put their lives on the line. Those employees are the heroes of the month.

To take care of those employees, USA Luge is trying to raise enough funds to provide each employee with a gift card. We would like to ask you to assist us in this project. For many years you always supported USA Luge during our fundraising events. We understand that times are tough for all of us, but I hope you will be able to assist hard working, selfless employees of these front line businesses and charities. They need our help and they need to be thanked.

If you would like to assist, please write check to USA Luge no later than April 29 and send to my attention: Dmitry Feld, USA Luge, 57 Church St., Lake Placid, NY 12946. We can also arrange for a check drop off in the interest of social distancing if that is easier. We would love to provide those gift cards for the people who are helping us to survive every day in the battle against this pandemic.

We wish health and safety to you and your loved ones.

Million thanks and a big hug,

Dmitry Feld

Marketing manager

USA Luge

Lake Placid