Lake Placid Marathon launches virtual racing to benefit food pantry

LAKE PLACID — As cabin fever continues to ravage the world, the Lake Placid Marathon and Half is helping people stay active by offering the 2020 Virtual Around-the-Lake event, which began Tuesday, April 14 and will continue through May 1.

All proceeds will benefit the Lake Placid Ecumenical Food Pantry.

“People of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities are encouraged to participate in a socially distant manner,” said Greg Borzilleri, owner of the Lake Placid Marathon and Half.

For a $20 fee, participants can sign up online at runsignup.com/VirtualATLintheLP, and they will receive a home-printable race bib. They should attach it to their body, take a picture of it and walk, run, travel around Mirror Lake, on their backyard trail, a treadmill.

“Anywhere you feel comfortable running solo,” Borzilleri said. “Take a picture of your watch with your ‘race time’ and submit it to the official race page.”

The virtual ATL race page is located at https://forms.gle/PfHxMgNEsBTn1qMy8. While outside, people must maintain a socially distant buffer. Racers are encouraged to run/walk at a comfortable pace and are encouraged to come up with creative ways to “race.” “Dribble a basketball, push your cat in a stroller, pick up trash along the way, skip, wear a costume,” Borzilleri said.

Prizes have been promised from the following local establishments: Great Adirondack Brewing Company, Breakfast Club, Players, Wise Guys, Jimmy’s 21, Pickled Pig, Ere’s Pizza, Mirror Lake Boat Rental, Bazzi’s Pizza, Lisa G’s, Purple Saige, Desperados, Lake Placid Pub & Brewery, The Fallen Arch, Emma’s, Adirondack Corner Store, Subway, Town House Lodge and The Bookstore Plus.