A message to residents and non-residents

To the editor:

To all short-term rental owners/operators and hotels who are continuing to rent to non-essential workers:

We are all experiencing economic hardships due to this pandemic, and we realize this applies to you as well. Renting your property presents an opportunity to alleviate this stress, but properties that continue to rent only increase and escalate the divide and contention within this community. You are putting our fellow residents in danger.

Through remarks made at public hearings and your written comments, you state you are part of this community and call attention to your love, appreciation and commitment to Lake Placid and its people. We believe you.

Now is the time to step up and let your actions speak louder than your words. Please block out your calendars for the immediate future and adhere to the timeframes of the New York State on PAUSE directive (which will be extended as conditions evolve).

We know there are many owners who are not renting. We thank you, commend you and ask that others follow your lead.

Now is a time to come together for a common good in the hopes of defeating a common enemy.

To EVERYONE: Stay home. Stop the spread. Save lives.

Stay safe and healthy,

The North Elba Town Board:

Supervisor Jay Rand

Board Member Derek Doty

Board Member Jack Favro

Board Member Emily Kilburn Politi

Board Member Dick Cummings

Lake Placid