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MARTHA SEZ: ‘And once again, 100 years ago, Einstein was right. Go figure.’

April 19, 2019
By MARTHA ALLEN , Lake Placid News

Everything is possible. Or maybe not, but we don't know what is possible and what isn't.

What we call a miracle is something so wonderful and awesome, in the true sense of those words, that it is beyond all of our expectations of what is possible.

Easter is the celebration of a miracle.

Spring is miraculous every year to those of us who live in the North Country. Every year I almost lose faith that it will ever come. The days get longer, but still it snows. The force of reawakening earth cannot be denied. The birds are going crazy, singing and zooming around. The robins are back, flying fast parallel to the ground the way they do in the spring. Later they will act more sedate.Two weeks ago, I sliced a supermarket tomato and what to my wondering eyes did appear but sprouting seeds with tiny green leaves! Wonderful. Awesome.

There are times in our lives when we devoutly wish for a miracle. Negative thinking and anger can seem like protection, but in the long run negative thinking doesn't help. We might as well light a candle.

Grandma Allen had the first color television I ever saw, and on Sunday nights after dinner my brothers and sister and I watched "Maverick" and then the "Walt Disney Show." Was "When You Wish Upon a Star" the "Fantasyland" theme song? I can still hear it in my mind.

"When you wish upon a star, Makes no difference who you are, Anything your heart desires will come to you."

The song was written for Disney by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington, and before I became disillusioned and world-weary I used to believe in it. Now of course I find it trivial and foolish. Still, I would like to believe it.

Come on, I tell myself, buck up. Here's something humans have done that seems miraculous. Have you seen the first image of the massive black hole at the center of the galaxy M87? If not, Google it! I will not pretend to understand the science of black holes, or how recent discoveries confirm Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, but I will tell you that this image, and the science it represents, are wonderful and awesome in the true sense of those words.

The image is a composite from eight telescopes on four continents, including one on the South Pole.

Jessica Dempsey, deputy director of the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in Maunakea, Hawaii, said that in order to produce the one image, over a four-day period astronomers had "to have the perfect weather all across the world, and literally all the stars had to align." Miraculous.

And once again, 100 years ago, Einstein was right. Go figure.

According to NASA "science," "A black hole is anything but empty space. Rather, it is a great amount of matter packed into a very small area - think of a star ten times more massive than the Sun squeezed into a sphere approximately the diameter of New York City. The result is a gravitational field so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape."

As Hamlet said in what is perhaps my favorite Shakespeare quote, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

The thought that there is so much in the universe, and even on our own planet, that is beyond my comprehension somehow gives me hope.

Going from the cosmic to the home front, I am heartened by the most recent issue of "The Fun Paper," a compendium of facts, fiction and useful how-to information written and published single handedly by my great niece Rosemary Paine. Rosemary writes, "I've got more recipes for you! Since it's almost Easter, and a lot of us have big family meals, I was thinking I could include some Easter recipes...

"The first recipe is from my grandma, Louise. Every year on Easter my grandma hosts a brunch for my family. She also sets up an egg hunt for us. One of my favorite parts of the brunch is the quiche she makes."

Quiche Lorraine-what my Irish friend Penny Turner used to call bacon and egg pie- may not be miraculous, but sometimes comfort food can be a celebration, and-well-a comfort. Louise's bacon and egg pie also contains gruyere cheese and shallots.

Have a wonderful and awesome week, in the true sense of those words.

Or, failing that, at least try your hand at quiche Lorraine.



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