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Bradley wraps up Ice Show series

August 23, 2017
By CHRISTIE SAUSA - Correspondent , Lake Placid News

LAKE PLACID - Ryan Bradley, 2011 national champion and Worlds competitor, wrapped up the Lake Placid Saturday Night Ice Show season Aug. 19 with two entertaining performances to a country medley and "Unsteady" by X Ambassadors. Bradley also taught private lessons and a group seminar earlier in the day, sharing exercises to improve general skating skills and the toe-loop jump, which is an important jump for skaters to have in their repertoire.

Before arriving in Lake Placid, Bradley was in Sun Valley, Idaho, another skating capital of the United States, to teach lessons and perform in their ice shows.

"I've been in Sun Valley all summer," Bradley said. "We do a show every Saturday and I have been teaching all summer. It's very long days, which has been great. We have a lot of great kids coming up there."

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Ryan Bradley performs in the Saturday Night Ice Show on Aug. 19 in the Olympic Center in Lake Placid.
Photo — Christie Sausa

One of Bradley's most notable pupils is Angela Wang, who is ranked seventh nationally. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado with main coach Kristy Krall, Wang has been skating with Bradley in Sun Valley to train for the upcoming Olympic season.

"I have been helping her get ready to make that Olympic push, so it's been fun," Bradley said. "She has been out in Sun Valley almost all summer training with me, and she will be coming out to Chicago to work with me as well. Kristy has been awesome, she is great about helping kids find exactly what it is that helps them the most, and I realize she feels that Angela has been doing great. She's really supportive of the work we're doing, and that gives me a lot of confidence as a coach and gives Angela a lot of confidence as well."

In addition to performing and coaching, Bradley also served as an ambassador of sorts for the National Championships in Kansas City, Kansas and commentated for NBC Sports.

In the midst of these commitments, Bradley also had a surgery on his right knee. Considering that some sources assert that skaters land with eight to 14 times their body weight on the landing leg for triple jumps, it is not surprising that Bradley and other elite skaters often face hip, back and knee injuries. In this case, Bradley was relieved the surgery went so well and that he can continue performing.

"The knee is great, but I definitely haven't been pushing it as much as the past 20 years," Bradley said "(If I have to), I take a break on whatever I'm doing. There's always something else to be working on, the technical side of things aren't the priority it used to be

"It was fun getting back into shape and back on the ice. I did a show almost just over a month out from my surgery, which was totally pushing it, but it felt alright and I didn't really have big setbacks or anything. It's always a relief when you have a big operation to come back and still do things. As an older skater, you tend to think this surgery could mean the last triple axel, the last quad, the last of loops and flips, so to know I can still do that stuff makes a big difference."

Bradley has been a reliably popular guest skater in Lake Placid throughout the years. He seems to be a fan favorite in the shows, especially when he performs one of his signature back flips or gravity-defying jumps as fans cheer and applaud with abandon.

Lake Placid summer figure skating camp skaters from throughout the United States enjoyed skating in the same show as Bradley, and after the show concluded, rushed to take group pictures and get their programs signed.

Part of Bradley's popularity has to do with his history with Lake Placid. He has been in Lake Placid many times for various events - whether it was to guest skate in the ice show, star in Stars on Ice or compete in Skate America. Many skating fans still remember his standout performance in 2009 Skate America, especially considering its return to Lake Placid Nov. 24 through 26 this year. After a less-than-desirable short program, Bradley recovered to skate an excellent long program and place third overall.

In a recently posted promotional video on the Skate America Facebook page, Bradley attributed the unique energy fans brought to Lake Placid as part of his success at the event.

"It was the Olympic year and very intense people were trying to put themselves in the conversation. I was probably the second rated US guy (after 2010 Olympic champion Evan Lysacek)," Bradley said. "I wasn't even having a very good warmup to be honest (in the long program). I just remember the crowd rallying though, when I finally hit something which took a lot longer than usual. They just got together and the energy that they brought I went out and did one of the best long programs of my career. I know it is cliche, but I really attribute it to the crowd and environment here. They wanted me to succeed for some reason it really affected me and made me feel that I was not out there alone. To get a grand prix medal which was on my list of things that needed to happen to make a push at the Olympic team, so I have been really grateful to Lake Placid ever since then."

Although Bradley is not certain if he will have any involvement in the 2017 Skate America, Lake Placid remains one of his favorite places to be.

"I commentated Skate America for NBC sports last year, so I'm hoping that that will be my role with it. Unfortunately, that would mean I'm not here, but it's a great opportunity and the NBC sports team are fantastic people to work with," Bradley said. "Lake Placid is a really special place to me for several reasons; I have had the opportunity to perform here for 10 years now in the summers and Stars on Ice when they open up their show here, it's a beautiful town; (because it is a) great Olympic community around here and awesome athletes, the local people really rally around the sporting events. So being able to have that support and have the town come in and watch us perform is very special."

Although the Saturday Night Ice Shows are finished for the season, an Adult Week of Skating will conclude Saturday, Aug. 26, which includes an adult skating exhibition on Saturday afternoon and will be covered in next week's edition of the Lake Placid News. For more information on Lake Placid Skating Programs, including Saturday Night Ice Shows and Adult Skating Weeks, visit their website at



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