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Prom night should not involve alcohol

May 11, 2017
Editorial , Lake Placid News

It is high school prom season, when lasting memories of wonderful evenings are made for many area young people. But more than at any time during the year, prom nights raise the terrible possibility that some parents will have nothing but memories of sons and daughters killed by alcohol-fueled mistakes in motor vehicles.

Too often, adults are the source of that alcohol.

Some high school students view prom night as a time when the normal rules of behavior - and prudence - can be discarded. That means more teenagers abusing alcohol. It means more impaired drivers on the road. That is something any intelligent adult ought to fear and do everything in his or her power to prevent.

And many do.

We're sorry we're getting this message out too late for the Tupper Lake High School prom this past weekend, but Saranac Lake's prom is this coming Saturday night. And as usual, attendees are invited to a big after-prom party, starting immediately afterward and lasting all night long. In addition to the fun of dancing, food and friends, there are all kinds of giveaways to serve as incentives for students to attend - including a nice-looking car, thanks to Evergreen Auto, that will be given away at 4 a.m.

Lake Placid High School's prom is the following Saturday, May 20, and it, too, will be followed by an after-prom party, also featuring plenty of generous incentives.

Rather than being nerdy, these after-prom parties show students that parents, school officials and community members care about them enough to throw them a big party rather than letting them go get sauced. They give the teenagers enough credit not to assume, "Oh well, they're only going to get drunk anyway ..."

Some adults, on the other hand, give in and think it's OK to furnish booze to kids. Some host parties including beer, wine and liquor, hoping they will have some control over consumption and driving. That is wishful thinking, as anyone who has ever tried to control a houseful of teenagers understands.

No adult should ever furnish alcohol to a minor. It is asking for trouble. Sometimes it is inviting a preventable tragedy.

Don't do it, and if you know of someone else who is doing it, call the police. Let's do all in our power to ensure the kids' memories of prom night are good.



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