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Derrick falls short of Stefanik

October 27, 2016
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

First let me thank Mike Derrick for his service. After 30-plus years on active duty, I have a deep respect for all those who have served.

I am, however, dismayed at the lawn signs I see and his business card he handed me, using his military rank. They border on illegal and are certainly unethical, as he well knows from his teachings at West Point.

His interviews state his party left him. So after 28 years of service, he changed parties and now wants to promise change if elected. Since he was non-political in the service, why didn't he retire and work to make change in the party he belonged to most of his adult life? He claims this has given him the ability to see both sides and that he will not go to Congress as a Democrat. Really? You took the DNC money.

I see a man who knows a lot about one subject, the military. I respect that, but we need someone working for the North Country who knows much more than that. We need someone who doesn't say we have to shoot if you cross a wall. We need someone who knows the difference between TPA and TPP. He well knows making a "mistake" with classified information is a punishable crime, but he accepts that?

I know someone who has the experience, gave us the change we needed and is making the right decisions, Elise Stefanik. She knows not to shoot first; she knows how to work to get things done, and has. She knows not to make mistakes, and she knows to stay the path of your beliefs. She has worked with everyone for the benefit of everyone, and we need to support Elise Stefanik. Vote for solid representation, Elsie Stefanik.

Win Belanger




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