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Derrick, Teachout won’t be bought

October 27, 2016
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

In Zephyr Teachout's 2014 book "Corruption in America," she connects the dots between corruption and financial dependency, citing the 2010 Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling as benignly equating "favoritism and influence" with "democratic responsiveness." Quoting James Madison, Teachout writes, "democracy is premised on responsiveness, but responsiveness to the wealthy is not the same as to constituents."

Unlimited corporate money in politics amounts to unlimited manipulation of the political process by the wealthy few; framers of the U.S. Constitution fought for separation of powers to prevent dependency from financial favoritism.

Mike Derrick, District 21 Democratic congressional candidate, supports overturning Citizens United which has opened the floodgates to grotesque amounts of money into elections with "intent to influence and manipulate."

Ken Tingley's excellent Oct. 9 "Front Page" column calls for Elise Stefanik to sever party-dictated support of Trump. This challenges her to stand apart from her party's Trump endorsement. However, it appears she is tied to (dependent on) D.C. Republicans, financially and politically; not surprisingly, she supports Citizens United.

Like Derrick, Teachout, the Democratic New York state District 19 candidate, is also running against a corporate-supported conservative Republican who is backed by huge super PACs. Both Teachout and Derrick oppose Citizens United.

We can still counter election corruption and manipulation stemming from Citizens United through our votes. We can replace officials who are dependent on excessive donations with people of independent conscience like Derrick and Teachout.

We have an opportunity to elect a uniquely qualified congressional representative to Washington, Mike Derrick. He opposes obscene amounts of campaign money in our political process; as a former West Point professor, Mike understands the hard lessons of American political history that show the dangers of money in politics.

We need a candidate whose opinions cannot be bought by super PACs and whose actions work to restore democracy with integrity.

Lisa Adamson

Lake George



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