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Looking for a change in Congress

September 8, 2016
Lake Placid News

Letter to the editor:

In the past when voting was coming up before Congress on cutbacks to the military regarding pay, retirement benefits and health care, I wrote a respectful letter to my congressional representative, the Honorable Elise Stefanik. I asked how she was going to vote on four of the items that were coming up. These questions were especially important to me. The reply that I received did not answer my specific questions.

This caused me to write a second letter asking the same four questions and adding a fifth. I never received an answer to my second letter.

In watching Ms. Stefanik's actions as a representative to Congress, it has turned into a "smoke and mirrors game." This was further confirmed when, during press conferences, questions come up that Ms. Stefanik does not want to answer, so she will just walk off not giving an answer. Being a representative to Congress is more than just traveling around the area and having your picture taken with local community groups.

It is my opinion that Ms. Stefanick gives her support mainly to those who give huge donations to her campaign fund. I hate to think of another two years of this continuing on.

My vote is going to Mike Derrick, who will always look you in the eye and give a straight answer on his thinking on any matter. Mr. Derrick has vast experience in both the military and civilian life. It is his wisdom, experience, and truthfulness, that we need to put to work in our congressional district.

Edward Schiffler




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