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Parking meters are ‘shameful’

June 16, 2016
Lake Placid News

Dear mayor and board,

I sat in on the Lake Placid Village Board meeting on May 16, and one of the topics covered was parking downtown and changes being made.

It took the board no time at all to raise rates for hourly parking and triple rates for permits. Yet when asked about alternative ways of shuttling people into town (if they should park out of town) the mayor said that "they are looking into things." Like any child knows when being told that by their parents this translates as "nothing is being done about this ... ever" and apparently this type of planning will take months or years to enact. The recommendation that people park a mile out of town at the station is absurd for many reasons:

1. The parking area was not his to offer, it is owned by the Historical Society.

2. No shuttle service, schedule or security for this area has been set up. The concern being that we have employees who work in a town that does not operate on a 9-to-5 schedule. Six a.m. to 3 a.m. is a more reasonable service schedule. I, like many, assumed that is what the additional charges were to be going towards. Apparently not.

3. I load and unload my car on Main Street four times a day ... please tell me how I can continue to operate a business (that pays all kinds of taxes) where I am spending at least two hours a day walking to and from a parking area that is a mile or so out of town.

I have lived here for 27 years and parking has been an issue that has been passed on to the next desk since the '80s. There have been studies and engineering recommendations on how this could physically happen and then there are things like Municipal Bonds and State funding sources, in the form of grants, that would make this fiscally possible. Stop passing the buck on this issue. Something needs to be done on your watch and now.

On a tangential topic, the meters:

-The screens are impossible to read, on sunny days there is a blinding glare and on cloudy days the screen has illegible and faded lettering.

-The system is difficult for our guests/visitors and many locals to understand.

Some meters do not take dollar bills

-None take chip cards and don't work with some chip cards

-The meters are painfully slow, so that at sometimes there are up to five people waiting for someone to A. figure it out and B. to get a simple ticket

The amount of change needed to be able to enjoy a lunch in town is ludicrous. Change machines are needed.

If the meters are here to stay and this is how we are greeting our tourists, then the machines should at the very least be user-friendly.

I am embarrassed by the message we are sending all who live here and those who come as our guests. Shameful is the word that comes to mind.


Ann Stillman O'Leary

Lake Placid



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