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Adults, don’t help teens get drunk

June 11, 2015
Editorial , Lake Placid News

If history is any guide, hundreds of high schoolers - graduates and otherwise - will be drinking enormous quantities of alcoholic beverages at celebratory parties during the next few weeks. Some of them will not have to obtain the booze themselves, nor will they have to find places to whoop it up.

Their parents will provide everything they want.

Adults who furnish alcohol for juveniles are committing a crime, of course. Some of them may not care much about that, but we hope they do care that they would put many of the young people at risk.

Some parents argue that the teenagers will be drinking at graduation parties anyway, so why not give them a "safe" place to do it?

Because hosting a booze bash for minors is not safe. For one thing, try as they may to keep youngsters from leaving parties, most adults find the task is hopeless. Inevitably, some will find ways to sneak away.

When that happens after they have been drinking, the young people are in great danger. Many, with little or no experience judging how much alcohol their bodies can tolerate, will be driving while so intoxicated that they're likely to hit something, or someone.

Most will luck out and get away with it, but a few who were not so lucky may end up in the news - along with their grieving classmates and parents. We don't want to report that story.

It's good to help the kids celebrate. Just do it without alcohol. At some point in adulthood, your children will have reason to thank you.

If you reject that advice, we won't be brokenhearted if law enforcement officers crash your party and teach you a lesson about putting young people in danger.



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