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2026 Winter Olympic Bid

Bid, promote, invest in our venues, and the tourists will come

April 2, 2015
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

There have been a lot of talk and articles recently in various local North Country news media about a possible Olympic bid, the deterioration of our Olympic venues, the importance of tourism to the North Country, and about the lack of promoting the North Country as a world-class tourist destination. I agree with all those sentiments, and here are some of my thoughts.

1) In downstate New York when talking about skiing, hiking, camping, nature and parks, Lake Placid and the Adirondack Park is not first on people's minds. Why, when its almost right in our back yards?

2) The Adirondack Park/North Country offers something for everyone, during all seasons, and there are 40-plus million people within reasonable driving distance. A very large audience whom we need to do a better job promoting the region to. During these challenging economic times, and low gas prices, a quick drive to the North Country could be a very economical vacation.

3) Simply bidding for the Olympics, while there are costs involved and manpower resources required, even if unsuccessful, an Olympic bid would generate a lot of PR and free advertisement for the North Country. Well worth the return on investment!

4) A bid for the Olympics would "force" a higher level discussion and more federal government attention about funding improvements to the venues in the North Country and Adirondacks. If we continue to allow the venues to deteriorate, future tourism and attraction as a winter sports destination will diminish.

5) Hosting the Olympics can be costly, but it can be done economically. We have the basic foundations/venues, legacy, experience, local support/volunteer culture, and hardworking experienced staff at the venues. New York City could host big spectator and team events, such as the ice events and the main ceremonies. It is these events/arenas that normally cost a lot of money to build and develop, but New York City already has new arenas and infrastructure in place! Lake Placid/North Country could host all the other events. It would require some new facilities, athlete accommodations, infrastructure (road) improvements, but they are almost all necessary for the North Country to sustain long term dependency on tourism. Hosting the Olympics would generate enough return on the investment over the long run to pay for those upgrades. The largest cost would be, if considered, a high speed train from New York City to Montreal. But, isn't it time that we upgrade our train and public transport service anyway? This should be part of a larger federal infrastructure program, regardless of an Olympic bid or not!

6) Chances to win the nomination to host the Olympics in 2026 I believe are great. a) It's time for North America to host the Winter Olympics again in 2026. b) Lake Placid has the name recognition, legacy and probably a favored host by the International Olympic Committee. c) NYC-Lake Placid can do it cost effectively, and the IOC is looking to change the process and encourage more cost effective Olympic events that are not an economic burden on the host city.

Support our politicians, local business people and organizations who are trying to make this possible! Ask Gov. Cuomo to support a 2026 Olympic bid at Also like the bid page at

Knut Sauer




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